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Monday, 20 February 2012

The Boogie Punkers

The Spaniards Boogie Punkers became known as "a fast rock n' roll, psychotic swing, futuristic rockabilly, surf punk band. The 50's soundtrack mutated for the 21st century". They avoided typical examples, not limiting themselves in one particuler genre. Their first self-titled album was released in 2003, and their second one (suitably entitled The Brooklyn Sessions) was recorded live in Broolkyn, NY. The Boogie Punkers disbanded in 2007, after which their members got into other musical projects.

The Boogie Punkers (2003)

320kbps mp3

The Brooklyn Sessions (2005)

192kbps mp3

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Dancing on Your Graves: Rockabilly Tribute to the Hellacopters (2010)

01. The Camtwisters - Gotta Get Some Action
02. Ragged Bones - 24h Hell
03. Eyeballin' Torpedoes - No Song Unheard
04. Astrolites - Riot On The Rocks
05. The Absints - No Ones Gonna Do It For You
06. The High-Jacks - No Angel To Lay Me Away
07. The Jukebox - By The Grace Of God
08. Eyeballin' Torpedoes - It Might Mean Sonthing To You
09. Tommy Love - Carry Me Home
10. Hellbilly Boys - Everythings On Tv
11. The Rockabillians - Before The Fall
12. The Knockouts - Freeway To Hell
13. Robbans Rockabilly Circus - Toys & Flavours

VBR mp3

Friday, 23 July 2010

Th'Legendary Shack Shakers part I

A roots rock juggernaut from Nashville, TN, the Legendary Shack Shakers are a hot-rodded foursome combining blues, rockabilly, country, and rock & roll into one manic assemblage boasting all the gloriously explosive instability of an M-80. Originally comprised of Colonel J.D. Wilkes on lead vocals and harmonica, Joe Buck on guitar, Mark "The Duke" Robertson on upright bass, and Pauly Simmonz behind the drums, the Legendary Shack Shakers were all members of various renegade country acts playing in Nashville's notorious "Lower Broadway" district, and Buck and Wilkes spent time playing on the road as part of Hank Williams III's band. Assuming the Shack Shakers moniker in 2001, the band quickly developed a potent reputation for its raucous live show, in which the manic tempo of the music was matched by Wilkes' over the top stage performance, which earned him a citation as Nashville's Best Frontman in the Music City entertainment magazine Scene. After extensive touring with Hank Williams III and Southern Culture on the Skids, the Legendary Shack Shakers self-released their first CD, Cockadoodledon't, in early 2003; shortly afterward, the band signed with Chicago-based "insurgent country" label Bloodshot Records, which reissued Cockadoodledon't in the spring of that same year. In 2003, Buck left the Shack Shakers to play with Hank III full-time, and the heavily tattooed David Lee took over on guitar; the new lineup of the band moved from Bloodshot to Yep Roc Records for the release of the (somewhat) more polished sophomore album, 2004's Believe. In 2005, Simmonz left the band as was replaced by Brett Whitacre. Their third record, Pandelirium, arrived in January 2006. The live Lower Broad Lo-Fi was released in 2007, followed later that same year by Swampblood. Agri-dustrial appeared in 2010. When not busy with his musical career, Wilkes is also known as a visual artist, publishing comic books and creating elaborate "carnival art" murals on discarded roll-up projection screens.
~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Batmobile part III

Buried Alive (1988)

192kbps mp3

Hard Hammer Hits (1992)

320kbps mp3

Blast from the Past (1993)

160kbps mp3

Welcome to Planet Cheese (1997)

192kbps mp3

Cross Contamination (split w/Peter Pan Speedrock, 2008)

192kbps mp3

Batmobile part I
Batmobile part II

Monday, 27 July 2009

Batmobile part II

Batmobile is Dynamite (1990)

VBR mp3

Sex Starved (1991)

192kbps mp3

Midnight Maniac EP (1992)

VBR mp3

Shoot Shoot EP (1993)

320kbps mp3

Batmobile part I
Batmobile part III

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Batmobile part I

In 1983, childhood friends and schoolmates Jeroen Haamers (guitar) and Johnny Zuidhof (drums) formed the Dutch rockabilly band Batmobile. Recruiting Jeroen’s brother Eric, the band began playing local venues, covering the likes of Elvis, Johnny Burnette and Gene Vincent. After a few years, the group decided to start writing their own material. Their songs were heavely inspired by the rockabilly past but infused with a restless and manic energy. This sound, combined with their purportedly wild live shows, attracted people from the psychobilly scene towards the band. Within some time, record labels began showing interest in Batmobile. In 1985, the group produced their first record, and continued with a successive string of albums that plunged further into the psychobilly sound. The band, however, thought that most of the bands in this genre lacked ‘creativity and musicality’. This is why Batmobile decided to play only their own sound and style, which they begin to call B-music. Like a B-movie, B-music represents bad musicians, cheap humor, horror, naked women and fun times. On the group’s tenth album, they decided to abandon the upright bass, opting for an electric bass in order to become the Motörhead of psychobilly.

Batmobile EP (1985)

128kbps mp3

Bambooland (1987)

192kbps mp3

Bail Was Set at $6,000,00 (1988)

160kbps mp3

Amazons from Outer Space (1989)

320kbps mp3

Batmobile part II
Batmobile part III

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Speedball Baby

Led by singer Ron Ward, New York, USA's Speedball Baby offer a throwback to the loosely hinged gutter rock 'n' roll of the Stooges and the MC5. A more contemporaneous comparison might be the Birthday Party, as evidenced by the twisted rockabilly of tracks such as "Toss My Salad" on their 1996 debut album, Cinema!. The seeds of the band's future were sown when Matt Verta-Ray (bass) left his previous employers, Madder Rose. It was his concept to start a less sedate unit meshing the blues with primal rockabilly, but he had to wait until meeting Ward (also from Boston, and formerly the drummer in Blood Oranges) at a mutual friend's wedding. The band's line-up was completed with the addition of bass player Ali Smith and drummer Dave Roy. They concentrated on cultivating a reputation for their frenzied New York shows, while two independently released EPs (Speedball Baby and Get Straight for the Last Supper) won over critics in the alternative music press. Martin Owens replaced Roy prior to the recording of the band's debut for MCA Records, which was delayed amid ill-informed rumours that one song, "The Al Green Shuffle", had racist overtones. It was eventually excluded from the final track-listing, much to the disgust of the band. At the end of 1996, Speedball Baby sought to confirm their growing domestic reputation with a support tour to the like-minded Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. The quartet returned to their independent roots for the mini-album I'm Gonna Stomp Mr. Harry Lee, released on the Sympathy For The Record Industry label. New drummer Andy Action appeared on the band's debut for the In The Red label, Uptight!, while a change of direction was afoot for the late 60s blues rock styled The Black-Out in 2002. The album featured new bass player, Jenny Decker.

Cinema! (1996)

1. A Stranger's Skin
2. Rubber Connection
3. Black Cat Moan
4. Suicide Girl

5. Black Eyed Girl

6. Dog on Fire

7. Skull Poppin' Skin Tastin' Love Wastin' Son Of A Bitch

8. Shakin' It Loose

9. Cinema!
10. Toss My Salad
11. Mr.Heat

12. Dancin' With a Fever

13. Drug Owl

224kbps mp3

Uptight! (2000)

1. I'm Addictive
2. Dangerous Top

3. The Al Green Shuffle

4. December?

5. Mekong Sue
6. Hot Boxin' Baby

7. Tappin' My Neighbah!

8. Numb
9. Pocket Fulla Fish

10. The Crybabies (Otis)

11. 8ft. Cigaret
12. Wobbly Organ

160kbps mp3

The Black-Out (2002)

1. Three Quarter Man
2. Hacky-Joe Digger

3. Do the Blackout

4. Wanna Scratch It?

5. Pimp Hand Strong

6. Bee in Flight

7. Asphalt Blues

8. The Diddler

9. Blackjack

10. Baretta's My Handle

11. Cash Cow

12. The Termite Speaks

13. Nine Eleven

14. The Jack Martin Story

15. Cash Cow (reprise)

192kbps mp3

EPs & singles

Speedball Baby EP (1995)
1. Speedball Baby
2. Black Eyed Girl
3. Percocet
4. Fucked Up Town
5. Corn River

Get Straight for the Last Supper (1995)

1. Phoenix Hotel, pt.1
2. Five Dollar Priest
3. Blitzkrieg Bop
4. Ballad of the Thin Pillbilly
5. Milking Stool Blues
6. T.B. Sheets
7. The Edge
8. Phoenix Hotel, pt.2

Speedball Petite (1996)
1. Mex Blo-Out
2. Crazy Date
3. Toss My Salad
4. Short Term Loan
5. Mex Blo-Out

I'm Gonna Stomp Mr.Harry Lee (1998)

1. Pin Up Cowboy
2. Hate You Baby
3. Pocket Fulla Fish (spoken)
4. Lakeside Story
5. Blackish Man
6. Don't Turn Blue (Tonight)
7. Speedball Petite

Mekong Sue (2000)
1. Mekong Sue
2. The Diddler
3. Cognac Blues

Annie Anytime (2003)

1. Annie Anytime
2. Hey Shine!

variable bitrate mp3
Download 1/2
Download 2/2

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Heavy Trash

A meeting of the minds between two musicians who explore the nexus between punk rock and roots music, Heavy Trash is a collaboration between Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray. Spencer first attracted the attention of adventurous music fans in 1985 with his primitive guitar work and raw vocals with frantic noise merchants Pussy Galore, but when the band split in 1990, he joined forces with guitarist Judah Bauer and drummer Russell Simins to form the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Melding R&B accents and Spencer's feral blues wailing with a fractured but potent post-punk attack, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion became one of the most acclaimed and controversial indie bands on the 1990s. Strong as the Blues Explosion was, Spencer was always on the lookout for new avenues for his music and during his downtime he also performed and recorded with R.L. Burnside, Boss Hog, the Gibson Brothers, Dub Narcotic Sound System, and Spencer Dickinson. In 2005, Spencer began writing and recording material with Matt Verta-Ray, who played bass with the acclaimed alternative group Madder Rose on their first two albums as well as handling guitar chores for the more hard-edged blues punk band Speedball Baby, who had toured with Blues Explosion. (In addition, both Spencer and Verta-Ray had recorded with R&B sleaze legend Andre Williams; Spencer contributed to his 2000 album The Black Godfather while Verta-Ray lent his guitar skills to 2001's Bait and Switch.) Spencer and Verta-Ray named their collaboration Heavy Trash, and in 2005 they released their first album, simply titled Heavy Trash, which eased back on the blues textures of their earlier work in favor of a pronounced rockabilly and honky tonk flavor; the album was also engineered and co-produced by Verta-Ray at his recording studio, N.Y. Hed. In 2007, Heavy Trash returned with a second album, Going Way Out with Heavy Trash.
~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide

Official site
Myspace site

Heavy Trash (2005)

1. Dark Hair'd Rider
2. Lover Street
3. The Loveless

4. Walking Bum

5. Justine Alright

6. Under the Waves
7. The Hump

8. Mr.K.I.A.

9. Gatorade

10. This Day Is Mine
11. Fix These Blues

12. Take My Hand

13. Yeah Baby

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR

Going Way Out With Heavy Trash (2007)

1. Pure Gold
2. Outside Chance
3. Double Line
4. Kissy Baby
5. That Ain't Right
6. I Want Oblivion
7. Way Out
8. She Baby
9. They Were Kings
10. Crazy Pritty Baby
11. I Want Refuge
12. Crying Tramp
13. You Can't Win

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Reverend Horton Heat part II

Space Heater (1998)

1. Pride of San Jacinto
2. Lie Detector
3. Hello Mrs.Darkness

4. Jimbo Song

5. Revolution Under Foot

6. Starlight Lounge

7. Goin' Manic

8. Mi Amor

9. For Never More

10. The Prophet Stomp

11. Native Tongue of Love

12. Couch Surfin'

13. Cinco de Mayo

14. Texas Rock-a-billy Rebel

15. Baby I'm Drunk

16. Space Heater

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Spend a Night in the Box (2000)

1. Spend a Night in the Box
2. Big D Boogie Woogie
3. Sleeper Coach Driver
4. The Girl in Blue
5. Sue Jack Daniels
6. Hand It to Me
7. I'll Make Love
8. It Hurts Your Daddy Bad

9. The Bedroom Again

10. King
11. Whole Lotta Baby

12. The Millionaire

13. Unlucky in Love

14. The Party in Your Head

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Lucky 7 (2002)

1. Loco Gringos Like a Party
2. Like a Rocket

3. Reverend Horton Heat's Big Blue Car

4. Galaxy 500

5. What's Reminding Me of You

6. The Tiny Voice of Reason

7. Duel at the Two o'Clock Bell

8. Go With Your Friends

9. Ain't Gonna Happen
10. Suicide Doors

11. Remember Me
12. Show Pony

13. Sermon on the Jimbo

14. You've Got a Friend in Jimbo

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Revival (2004)

1. The Happy Camper
2. Revival

3. Callin' In Twisted
4. If It Ain't Got Rhythm

5. New York City Girls

6. Indigo Friends

7. Someone in Heaven

8. Octopus Mode

9. Party Mad

10. Honky Tonk Girl

11. Lonesome Man

12. I'm Your Pet Rock

13. Rumble Strip

14. We Belong Forever
15. Goin' Back Home

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR

The Reverend Horton Heat part I

Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Reverend Horton Heat part I

The Reverend Horton Heat is perhaps the most popular psychobilly artist of all time, really rivaled only by genre founders the Cramps. The Reverend (as both the three-man band and its guitar-playing frontman were known) built a strong cult following during the '90s through constant touring, manic showmanship, and a twisted sense of humor. The latter was nothing new in the world of psychobilly, and Heat's music certainly kept the trashy aesthetic of his spiritual forebears. The Reverend's true innovation was updating the psychobilly sound for the alternative rock era. In his hands, it was something more than retro-obsessed kitsch -- it had roaring distorted guitars, it rocked as hard as any punk band, and it didn't look exclusively to pop culture of the past for its style or subject matter. Most of the Reverend's lyrics were gonzo celebrations of sex, drugs, booze, and cars, and true to his name, his concerts often featured mock sermons in the style of a rural revivalist preacher. His initial recordings were released by that bastion of indie credibility, Sub Pop, at the height of the grunge craze; after a spell on major label Interscope, he returned to the independents, still a highly profitable draw on the concert circuit.
~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Official site
Myspace site

Smoke'em If You Got'em (1990)

1. Bullet
2. I'm Mad
3. Bad Reputation

4. It's a Dark Day
5. Big Dwarf Rodeo

6. Psychobilly Freakout
7. Put It to Me Straight
8. Marijuana

9. Baby, You Know Who
10. Eat Steak

11. 'D' for Dangerous

12. Love Whip

format: mp3
bitrate: 160kbps

The Full Custom Gospel Sounds (1993)

1. Wiggle Stick
2. 400 Bucks

3. The Devil's Chasing Me

4. Livin' on the Edge (of Houston)

5. You Can't Get Away From Me
6. Beer 30

7. Big Little Baby

8. Lonesome Train Whistle

9. Bales of Cocaine
10. Loaded Gun
11. Nurture My Pig

12. Gin and Tonic Blues

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Liquor in the Front (1994)

1. Big Sky
2. Baddest of the Bad

3. One Time for Me

4. Five-O Ford

5. In Your Wildest Dreams

6. Yeah, Right
7. Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

8. I Could Get Used to It

9. Liquor, Beer & Wine

10. I Can't Surf

11. Jezebel

12. Rockin' Dog

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

It's Martini Time (1996)

1. Big Red Rocket of Love
2. Slow
3. It's Martini Time
4. Generation Why
5. Slingshot
6. Time to Pray
7. Crooked Cigarette
8. Rock the Joint
9. Cowboy Love
10. Now, Right Now
11. Spell on Me
12. Or Is It Just Me
13. Forbidden Jungle
14. That's Showbiz

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

The Reverend Horton Heat part II

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