Thursday, 12 August 2010


"We play needle-down, rocket powered rock & soul from outer space to your dancing feet via your inner ear. We play with a fierce right side of the brain and are all about keeping it below the belt. We're from 500 years in your future and we've been here since 2000. We've played live with Blues Explosion, the Dirtbombs, Heavy Trash, the Soledad Brothers, Weird War, Bob Log III, Kid Congo Powers, Dan Sartain and many, many more of our favourite bands. We've recorded 4 albums you can listen to, the first one was recorded in New York by legendary producer Matt Verta-Ray and featured James Chance of the Contortions. We have a 3d comic book biography. We've played in art galleries. We've played in strip joints. We've played in front of 5 people and we've played in front of 1500. Sometimes we have a robot with us, sometimes we don't. But we always, always, have soul."

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Strangest Tales (2006)

320kbps mp3

Long Gone vol.1 (2007)

320kbps mp3

Can't Help It (2008)

320kbps mp3

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