Friday, 28 January 2011

The Screws

The Screws are perhaps the punkest of all the Mick Collins projects. While retaining the blues/garage/soul/R&B influences he's known for, the Screws have a harsher and more aggressive sound.
Back in 1997, the Red Aunts (then on Epitaph) went to Detroit to record Ghetto Blaster with Mick Collins as their producer. As a lark, the Aunts decided to have Collins record a duet with vocalist/guitarist Terri Wahl, planting the idea for the Screws into their respective heads. Collins and Wahl called upon Dan Brown and Marty Moore, a pre-fab rhythm section, who they knew from their work with '68 Comeback and Royal Trux. The Screws have remained primarily a side project, although they have toured to places as far away as Japan. In the Red released Hate Filled Classics in 1999 and their follow-up, Shake Your Monkey, in 2001.

~ Alexandra Zorn, All Music Guide

Hate-Filled Classics (1999)

192kbps mp3

Shake Your Monkey (2001)

320kbps mp3

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Matt said...

It's borderline offensive just how amazing all these songs are. Thanks for throwing these up.

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