Saturday, 15 October 2011


Deltahead hail from Stockholm, Sweden and are a duo; a toting guitar and a stand-up bass and each packing a 28” Ludwig kick. Their sound is a bizarre mutation of Hasil Adkins, laced with deadly doses of ‘76 punk and delta blues. On stage, their brutal hybrid of punk and blues explodes like a black asphalt molotov cocktail leaving the survivors witness to a raging inferno beyond anything ever experienced.

Myspace site

Peace & Junk & Drums EP (2004)

192kbps mp3

Deltahead (2006)

VBR mp3


Mackan said...

Tack som fan, kan vara en av de bättre bloggar jag ramlat in på av en slump! (googlade A-bombs för att se va de gör idag)

Dr Boots said...

Fantastic!!! Thanks

Missing Link Wray said...

Muchas gracias amigos!!

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