Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Solid Soul Disciples

Solid Soul Disciples is a long distance brotherhood from the UK and Brazil comprising of Marco Butcher (guitar), Black Mekon (vocals & harmonica), his brother Black Mekon (fuzz guitar), Danny C (drums), and the Fabulous Go-Go Boy from Alabama (guitar).
After meeting and bonding thru mutual respect for each others music and visiting each others home countries several times, the Disciples decided to jigsaw an album together based on their shared love of garage, punk, blues and country music. In June 2009 they got together to play the songs live for the first time and took The Mobile Church Of The Solid Soul Disciples on the road for a legendary tour of Brasil which saw stages in flames, backlines destroyed, police raids, giant totems of the band erected and they only made it all the way thru a show without incident once!
This is not a band. This is a brotherhood.
Be baptised in dirty water!

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The Solid Soul Disciples (2009)

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