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Welsh hard rock trio Taint have forged a unique style from a broad range of influences, embracing elements of punk, stoner rock, sludge metal, technical metal, and even bits of indie rock, and melding them into a precise, unrelenting attack. Taint were formed in South Wales in 1993 by guitarist and singer James "Jimbob" Isaac, bassist Darren Mason, and drummer Alex Harries. After recording a handful of self-released cassette demos and appearing on a compilation from Household Name Records, Taint released their debut EP, Die Die Truthspeaker, through Household Name in 2000; by this time, Mason had left the group and Stophe had replaced him on bass, though Stophe would leave the band in 2001 and Chris West would take over as Taint's new bassist. Split releases with Black Eye Riot and Army of Flying Robots followed in 2003 and 2005, respectively, along with extensive touring, and in 2005 the group signed with the uncompromising U.K. metal label Rise Above Records. That same year, Rise Above released Taint's first full-length album, the epochal The Ruin of Nová Roma, recorded in California and produced by former Fudge Tunnel guitarist Alex Newport. After rounds of successful touring in the U.K., Europe, and Greece, Taint returned to the studio for their second full-length album, 2007's Secrets and Lies.
~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide

Die Die Truthspeaker (2000)

1. Blackspot
2. Fatman Sedates Us Again

3. Only a Few

4. Noone's Savior

5. Doom Control

6. Release

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Taint/Black Eye Riot split (2003)

1. Days of the Basilisk
2. I Fulfill I

3. Chevy Chase
Black Eye Riot:
4. Meatwagon

5. For a Purpose
6. Freeform Loser

7. Back With a Boot

8. What a Winner

9. The Cunt

10. For Fuck's Sake

11. Boos or Boy?

format: mp3
bitrate: 128kbps

The Ruin of Nova Roma (2005)

1. The Sound-Out Competition
2. Zealots & Whores

3. He Got Cop Eyes

4. Drunken Marksman

5. The Idol/the Memory

6. The Ruin of Nova Roma

7. Amaranthine

8. I'm Going to Kill Henry Ford

9. Poison Pen Attack

10. Cours et Conquistadors

format: mp3
bitrate: 320kbps

Secrets and Lies (2007)

1. Hex Breaker
2. Corpse of Love
3. Brainstorm Zombie Revival
4. Born Again Nihilist
5. The Idealist
6. Goddamn This City
7. What the Crow Said
8. Triumvirate
9. Mass Appeal Sadness

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps


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