Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Gluecifer part I

Gluecifer was a hard rock band based in Oslo, Norway. Formed in 1994, they produced several underground releases during their first years of existence and soon claimed to be "kings of rock". In 1997, the album Ridin' the Tiger (released by legendary record label White Jazz) provided an artistic and commercial breakthrough and placed Gluecifer with the Hellacopters from Sweden at the forefront of the Scandinavian hard rock wave of the late 90s. Basement Apes (2002), their 4th album, saw them signing with Sony Music, and Automatic Thrill (2004) became their biggest-selling record to date. The band played at the 2004 Quart Festival as warmup for Monster Magnet. In July 2005 the band announced their break-up.

Ridin' the Tiger (1997)

1. Leather Chair
2. Rock n' Roll Asshole

3. Bounced Check
4. Evil Matcher

5. Rock Throne

6. Burnin White

7. Titanium Sunset

8. We're Out Loud

9. Obi Damned Kenobi

10. Under My Hood
11. Primemover

192kbps mp3

Soaring With Eagles at Night to Rise With the Pigs in the Morning (1998)

1. Bossheaded
2. Go Away Man
3. The Year of Manly Living

4. Get the Horn
5. Critical Minute

6. Silver Wings
7. Lord of the Dusk

8. Deadend Beat

9. Clean Gone Mean

10. Heart of a Bad Machine

11. Gimme Solid Gold

192kbps mp3

Tender Is the Savage (2000)

1. I Got a War
2. Chewin' Fingers
3. Ducktail Heat
4. The General Says Hell yeah
5. Red Noses, Shit Poses
6. Drunk and Pompous
7. Rip-off Strasse
8. Dog Day, Dog Night
9. Sputnik Monroe
10. Exit at Gate Zero

192kbps mp3

Gluecifer part II
Gluecifer part III


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