Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Soviettes

The Soviettes formed in the midst of Minneapolis winter in 2000. Without want for last names, Annie (guitar/vocals), Sturgeon (guitar/vocals), Suzy (bass), and Danny (drums) tore into recording, and by 2003 had issued their self-titled debut via Adeline. It was fuzzy, punky, striped, and ballsy, and made an impression in the Twin Cities and beyond. The ingeniously titled II followed in 2004, and featured more bratty one- and two-minute songs with names like "#1 Is Number Two" and "Pass the Flashlight." By this point the Soviettes had spread their love all over town, not to mention the plains states and points west. Fat Wreck noticed and signed the quartet in 2004. The Soviettes' III LP was issued on June 28, 2005.
~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide

The Soviettes LP (2003)

1. Blue Stars
2. Bottom's Up, Bottomed Out

3. 9th St.

4. 1308

5. Go Lambs Go!
6. B Squad

7. Tailwind

8. Matt's Song
9. Clueless

10. Thin Ice

11. The Land of Clear Blue Radio

12. Undeliverable

13. Cuff Wars
14. Her Neon Heart

192kbps mp3

LP II (2004)

1. Ten
2. #1 Is Number Two

3. Pass the Flashlight

4. Goes Down Easy
5. Winning Is for Losers

6. Angel A

7. Tonight

8. There's a Banana in My Ear

9. Love Song

10. Portland
11. Channel X
12. Whatever You Want

13. Don't Say No
14. Come On Bokkie

VBR mp3

LP III (2005)

1. Multiply and Divide
2. !Paranoia Cha Cha Cha!

3. Middle of the Night

4. Whoa

5. (Do) the Stagger
6. What Did I Do?!

7. Roller Girls

8. Together
9. Thinking of You

10. Hanging Up the Phone

11. How Do You Like That

12. Photograph

13. Gotta Decide


The Soviettes/Valentines EP (2002)

The Soviettes:
1. Matt's Song
2. Sixty Days

3. Latchkey

4. Sunday AM
5. The Nine to Life


The Valentines:
7. Cuba Libre
8. Momentumequalsmasstimesvelocity

9. Fernever
10. Whiskey-You Are the Devil

11. The Wayback Machine

192kbps mp3

1 EP + 1 single

T.C.C.P. EP (2002)
1. Hot Sauced & Peppered
2. In the Red
3. Go Lambs Go!
4. Sandbox

Alright/Plus One (2004)
1. Alright
2. Plus One

320kbps mp3


In Rock said...

Undoubtedly, one of the best blogs on the network. Thanks for everything,greetings from Spain

Karl Bakla said...

Soviettes were a great band too bad they broke up, it bums me out

El Burto said...

So glad to still see supporters of The Soviettes. One of my favorite bands; super bummed that they broke up. I own the albums and the split even though I don't like the songs by The Valentines. Thanks a ton for the EP/single. It's not really the same but the Awesome Snakes are pretty cool. Thanks again!

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