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New Bomb Turks part I

Four guys holding English degrees from Ohio State University, the New Bomb Turks have been declared as leaders in the punk rock revolution by spiked-haired, hardcore punkers everywhere. They are not pop-punk, but ferociously aggressive and fast, borrowing from the Pagans, Dead Boys, and so on. The band's name comes from Robert Wuhl's character in an early-'80s B movie, "The Hollywood Nights", which also marked the film debuts of Tony Danza and Michelle Pfeiffer. Their landmark debut, Destroy-Oh-Boy!!, came out in 1993 to universally great reviews. Following it up quickly with the Drunk on Cock EP (which has a hilariously offensive cover), the band scored another winner the next year with Information Highway Revisited. Featuring a tighter sound and less of a direct punk influence, the record again made them critical darlings. The Pissing Out the Poison: Singles and Other Swill was their last release for Crypt Records, as mini-major Epitaph asked them to join the roster. Scared Straight and At Rope's End both appeared quickly afterwards, although both records started to show the wear and tear the band was experiencing on the road and in the studio. A few EP's marked the time between albums, but their last Epitaph release (Nightmare Scenario) would hit stores by 1999. The band and label split amicably, and the Turks toured for a bit before stepping back into the studio. Recording The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still without a label, Gearhead pick up the record and released it in the fall of 2002.
~ Bradley Torreano & Matt Carlson, All Music Guide

Destroy-Oh-Boy!! (1993)

1. Born Toulouse-Lautrec
2. Tail Crush

3. Up for a Downslide

4. Tattooed Apathetic Boys

5. We Give a Rat's Ass
6. Runnin' on the Go

7. Long Gone Sister

8. Mr.Suit
9. Let's Dress Up the Naked Truth

10. Hapless Attempt
11. I Want My Baby...Dead?!
12. Sucker Punch
13. I'm Weak

14. Tryin' to Get By

15. Cryin' Into the Beer of a Drunk Man

192kbps mp3

Information Highway Revisited (1994)

1. ID Slips In
2. Bullish on Bullshit

3. If I Only Could
4. Brother Orson Welles

5. T.A.S.
6. Fingernail Chomp

7. Dented 'n' Spent

8. Girl Can Help It

9. (Gotta Gotta) Sinking Feeling

10. Grandpa Atomic

11. Never Will

12. Apocalyptic Dipstick

13. Lyin' on Our Backs

14. I Got Your Bitter End

15. Straight-On Chaster

192kbps mp3

Scared Straight (1996)

1. Hammerless Nail
2. Bachelors High

3. Professional Againster

4. Cultural Elite Sign-Up Sheet

5. Jukebox Lean

6. Jeers of a Clown

7. Look Alive Jive

8. Staring Down the Gift Horse

9. Shoot the Offshoot

10. Drop What You're Doin'
11. Telephone Numbrrr

12. Wrest Your Hands

192kbps mp3

At Rope's End (1998)

1. Scapegoat Soup
2. Snap Decision
3. Ally Smile
4. So Long Silver Lining
5. Veronica Lake
6. Defiled
7. Bolan's Crash
8. Raw Law
9. Minimum Wages of Sin
10. At Rope's End
11. The Cure for (the Common Cold Shoulder)
12. Aspirin Aspirations
13. Streamline Yr Skull

192kbps mp3

New Bomb Turks part II
New Bomb Turks part III

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