Sunday, 1 June 2008

Dead Boys

The Dead Boys were one of the first punk bands to escalate the level of violence, nihilism, and pure ugliness of punk rock to extreme new levels. Although considered part of New York's mid-'70s CBGB's scene, all of its bandmembers originally hailed from Cleveland, OH. The group's roots lay in the early-'70s Cleveland cult band Rocket from the Tombs. Noticing that there was an underground punk scene flourishing in New York City's Bowery, the group befriended one of the leading bands from that scene, the Ramones, who had come to Cleveland on a tour stop. Joey Ramone helped arrange a tryout for the group at CBGB's, as the whole band made the trek to New York. Not only did the group land a spot at CBGB's, they enlisted the club's owner (Hilly Kristal) as their manager, and signed a recording contract with Sire shortly thereafter. Changing their name to the Dead Boys, the band caused an immediate splash in their newly adopted hometown, due to Bators' Iggy Pop-esque, audience-bating antics, and the group's vicious three-chord punk rock.
With their record company pressuring the group to change their sound and their look completely, the Dead Boys split up in 1979.
~ Greg Prato & Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Young, Loud and Snotty (1977)

1. Sonic reducer
2. All This and More

3. What Love Is

4. Not Anymore

5. Ain't Nothing to Do
6. Caught With the Meat in Your Mouth

7. Hey Little Girl
8. I Need Lunch

9. High Tension Wire

10. Down in Flames

11. Not Anymore/Ain't Nothing to Do

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bitrate: 192kbps

We Have Come for Your Children (1978)

1. Catholic Boy
2. Son of Sam
3. 3rd Generation Nation
4. Dead and Alive
5. I Won't Look Back
6. Tell Me
7. Calling on You
8. Big City
9. Flame Thrower Love
10. Ain't It Fun

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

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HeySuchAndSuch said...

Just read the Cheeta Chrome autobiography, and had to have some musical reference so thanx for posting this! Haven't really gotten into the Dead Boys in the past, but maybe now it'll sink in (although Cheeta's book doesn't make the second record sound like much of a winner!).

Annnnyway: site looks great, and I'm sure I'll find a ton of stuff to keep my ears occupied!

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