Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Thee Merry Widows

Thee Merry Widows are Northern California’s original all female psychobilly band. Formed in 2003 by upright bassist Nikki Nightbreed and vocalist Miss Eva von Slut, the girls decided to explore their mutual love of horror/exploitation films, domination, and all things dark. Miss Eva also brings her background in burlesque into the live performances.
Added to the mix was drummer Andrea, who brings her own SciFi sensibility to the band. After a lineup change, the band is rounded out by veteran punk rthymn guitarist Mistress Mandy (formerly of Violet Discord) and punk rock sweetheart Nishone on lead guitar.
The SF Weekly recommends seeing “the psychobilly stylings of Thee Merry Widows (which features the notable presence of buxom blond burlesque queen Miss Eva von Slut),” and the band has been featured in such international fetish magazines as Skin Two and Marquis.
Zero Magazine says “Thee Merry Widows are turning heads around the Bay. An original all-female psychobilly band, these women rock like every night is a party and every show is a special occasion…..This ain’t your mama’s psychobilly… Thee Merry Widows don’t give a damn about their reputation; they just want to rock. If you’re into hot rods, classic pinups, rockin’ and simply having a blast, this five piece will be right up your alley.” (May 2004) and Scary from the Hellbillys calls Thee Merry Widows “(One of our) favorite local bands to play with “ (Zero Magazine, July 2004).
Thee Merry Widows have already opened for and toured with such psychobilly legends as Mad Sin, Nekromantix, the Hellbillys, Hayride to Hell, Chop Tops and the Phenomenauts.

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Revenge Served Cold (2006)

1. Aileen
2. The Curse

3. Cruel Mistress

4. Revenge
5. All of Them Witches

6. Black Widow

7. Deadly Kiss

8. Girl Assassins

9. Grave Robbers

10. Holy Hack Jack

11. Talk Shit, Spit Blood

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

The Devil's Outlaws (2008)

1. The Devil's Outlaw
2. Nightstalker

3. The Howl

4. Elena's Empty Tomb
5. The Bride

6. I Want'em Dead

7. Death City USA

8. Theater of Blood

9. Remember Me

10. My High Heels

11. Varla

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR


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