Monday, 2 June 2008

Thunder Express

Stockholm's Thunder Express is one of the solo projects of Robert "Strings" Dahlqvist, lead guitarist in the Hellacopters, and his friend's Jesper Karlsson on drums from Diamond Dogs, Jens Lagergren on bass, Robert Pehrsson on guitar, previously of Wrecks, Tomahawk, the Preachermen, Deathwitch and Runemagick, Magic Gunnarson on saxophone, Magnus Jonsson on trumpet and Ceasar on the trombone. Thunder Express claim retro-pop-garage-rock hooks and spit them out with muscle and blood, and the guitar solos will leave your speakers smoldering.

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We Play for Pleasure (2005)

1. Off I Go
2. Get Back In
3. Coming Back

4. Always Up to Something New

5. Stupid Lies

6. I Won't Pretend

7. In My Mind

8. I Don't Understand at All

9. Believe in You

10. Feed My Dreams

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR

Republic Disgrace (2007)

1. Republic Disgrace
2. New York Gold
3. Leaving With Ease
4. Switch
5. Everybody Knows About a Broken Heart
6. Hellberg's Lament
7. Pick It Up
8. Matrimotion
9. Vegas
10. From Pleasure to Pain
11. Panic

format: mp3
bitrate: 320kbps


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