Monday, 30 June 2008

Rocket from the Crypt part I

Rocket from the Crypt was an American rock band led by John Reis, formed in 1990 in San Diego, California and disbanded in 2005. Of Reis' many musical endeavors, Rocket from the Crypt were the most successful and most internationally recognized. The band gained critical praise and the attention of major record labels after the release of their 1992 album "Circa: Now!", leading to a recording contract with Interscope Records. They experienced a surge of popularity with the release of the albums "Scream, Dracula, Scream!" (1995) and "RFTC "(1998), accompanied by numerous vinyl singles and EPs released on independent labels. However, album sales were not as high as expected and Interscope soon turned their attention to higher-grossing acts. The band left the label, and shortly thereafter drummer Atom Willard departed the group. After a period of inactivity in 1999 and 2000, during which Reis formed Hot Snakes and Sultans and launched his Swami Records label, the band signed to Vagrant Records and recruited new drummer Ruby Mars. They experienced a revitalization of creative energy and released two more albums, but were not as prolific as in the past. Over the next few years the band members drifted into other projects and Rocket from the Crypt became less the focus. They decided to disband in 2005, playing a sold-out farewell show on Halloween in their hometown of San Diego.

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Paint as a Fragrance (1991)

1. French Guy
2. Maybelline
3. Shy Boy
4. Basturds

5. Velvet Touch

6. Evil Party

7. Stinker

8. Jiggy Jig

9. Weak Superhero

10. Thumbmaster

format: mp3
bitrate: 160kbps

Circa: Now! (1992)

1. Short Lip Fuser
2. Hippy Dippy Do
3. Ditch Digger

4. Don't Darlene

5. Killy Kill

6. Hairball Alley

7. Sturdy Wrists

8. March of Dimes

9. Little Arm

10. Dollar
11. Glazed

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Hot Charity (1995)

1. Pushed
2. Guilt Free
3. Poison Eye
4. My Arrow's Aim
5. Feathered Friends
6. Cloud Over Branson
7. Lorna Doom
8. Shucks
9. Pity Yr Paws

format: mp3
bitrate: 224kbps

Rocket from the Crypt part II


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