Thursday, 12 March 2009


Historically significant Honeydive were among the founding bands of the Greek garage/rock n'roll scene, along with legendary bands like the Last Drive and Nightstalker. They were active between 1993-1995, while some years later, two of them (George Leitmer and Panos Tomaras) formed Engine-V, who move more into the stoner rock sound and still exist until today.

Frail (1993)

1. Realize
2. Fall

3. Chasing Dreams

4. Another Place Another Time

5. Fucked Up and Far from Home

6. Sugar
7. Strike Me Blind

8. Drive Mad

9. Brighter Days Ahead

10. Closer to Me
11. Kick Inside

192kbps mp3

Kick Inside/Closer to Me 7" (1993)

1. Kick Inside
2. Closer to Me

160kbps mp3

Ultraviolet EP (1994)

1. Shoot the Daylights
2. Longshot
3. Ultraviolet
4. Neverending

128kbps mp3


Fuzz said...

Yeaaaah! ΜΠΡΑΒΟ!

WebInFront said...

Φοβερό ποστ. thanx man.
Great fucking post

Anonymous said...

Apla 8eos..! To psaxnw 3 xronia. To eixa ap to 93 mexri tote ;) Its a shut up n listen band n its good!!

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