Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tsunami Bomb

Bay Area punk combo Tsunami Bomb was formed around 1999 by bassist Dominic Davi, who was joined by vocalist Agent M, guitarist Mike Griffen, and drummer Gabe Lindeman. With their California punk influences sewed proudly to their sleeves, the members of Tsunami Bomb set about conquering America the old fashioned way -- with incessant touring. Tsunami Bomb was bolstered by the success of early 7" releases on A.F.I. bassist Hunter Bergan's Checkmate label, as well as a fan base built through the band's dogged touring schedule. Impressed with their tenacity, Cali indie Kung Fu (the Vandals, the Ataris) signed them in 2002 and released The Ultimate Escape full-length in September of that year. Tsunami Bomb headed out on the road once again in spring 2003, this time as part of the Warped Tour. Davi exited the band at the summer's end for personal reasons (later going on to form Love Equals Death), and Matt McKenzie joined on in his place. The Definitive Act appeared in the fall of 2004, and shortly after its release, Griffen left and was replaced on guitar by Jay Northington. The band continued to tour over the next year, releasing a live DVD along the way, but it would prove to be the band's last release, as Tsunami Bomb broke up in the fall of 2005, citing problems with the business end of the industry.
~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide

Mayhem on the High Seas EP (1999)

1. 3 Days and 1000 Nights
2. Rotting Vampire Eyeballs

3. Cantare del Morte

4. Breakaway

128kbps mp3

The Invasion from Within EP (2000)

1. The Invasion with Within
2. Noone's Looking

3. No Good Very Bad Day

4. Marionette

5. Lemonade
6. ...Not Forever

192kbps mp3

The Ultimate Escape (2002)

1. Take the Reins
2. Russian Roulette
3. Say It if You Mean It

4. Roundabout

5. Top 40 Hit
6. 20 Going On

7. The Simple Truth

8. Headlights on a Hand Grenade
9. Count Me Out
10. El Diablo

11. In This Together

12. Swimming Through Molasses

192kbps mp3

The Definitive Act (2004)

1. Dawn on a Funeral Day
2. Being Alright
3. 5150
4. Safety Song
5. I Bought You
6. 4 Robots and an Evil Scientist
7. A Lonely Chord
8. Epic
9. Negative One to Ten
10. My Machete
11. Tetanus Shot
12. Jigsaw

192kbps mp3


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your blog! Lot's of great rock! I want to share this rock with you! I think that you will dig it! Feel free to pass it around!

also more can be heard at:

soc said...

tsunami bomb total extra fucking awesome marvelous band!

Anonymous said...

Tsunami Bomb Rocks. Your bio of them is missing a few things like there was a singer before M. But you got the point across! They came, they toured and they conquered!


Btw, Mike is performing on the glass house CD, not Jay.

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