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Salem, Massachusetts' Doomriders are a side project for workaholic Converge and Old Man Gloom member Nate Newton (guitar and vocals), in collaboration with friends Chris Pupecki (guitar), Jebb Riley (bass and vocals), and Chris Bevalaqua (drums). And, where most of their regular pursuits (bands like There Were Wires, Blacktail, Hallraker, and Some Kind of Hate) involve painstakingly assembled songs, Doomriders' 2005 debut, Black Thunder, features loose, spontaneous, though no less intense heavy rock.
~ Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide

Black Thunder (2005)

1. Black Thunder
2. The Long Walk
3. Ride or Die
4. Deathbox
5. Listen Up
6. Midnight Eye
7. Fuck This Shit
8. Worthless
9. The Chase
10. Voice of Fire
11. Drag Them Down
12. The Whipcrack
13. Sirens

VBR mp3

Not of This World (split w/Coliseum, 2005)

1. Am I Demon
2. American Machine

3. Ride on Death Riders

4. Hell Roaring
5. Possession

VBR mp3

Long Hair and Tights (split w/Boris, 2007)

1. The Long Walk
2. Deathbox

3. Hell Roaring

4. Mercy

5. Black Thunder

6. Black Out
7. Pink

8. Woman on the Screen

9. Nothing Special

10. Ibitsu

11. Worthless
12. Sirens
13. The Chase

14. Fuck This Shit

15. Ride or Die

16. Just Abandoned Myself
17. Farewell

VBR mp3
Download 1/2
Download 2/2

split single w/Disfear (2008)

1. Disfear - Fear and Trembling
2. Doomriders - Crooked Path

VBR mp3

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