Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Nitwitz part I

The Nitwitz were formed in 1978 and disbanded after a couple of singles and splits on the Dutch label Vogelspin. Their members formed B.G.K., released a 7" and a couple of albums on Vogelspin. Then the band reformed in 1996 with original singer Eric Peters and Tony Slug (Loveslug) on guitar. They still exist with a new bass player and second guitarist and tour regularly in Europe.

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The Scorched Earth Policy (1981)

192kbps mp3

Dark Side of the Spoon (1999)

192kbps mp3

Sex, Lies and Duct Tape (2005)

VBR mp3

The Nitwitz part II


NOISEBOX said...

great blog! please check out or maybe add this to your link:

thanks and keep the music alive!

Anonymous said...

this blog is the best I have seen!!!truly men thanks for all this great music,awesome work!!!

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