Sunday, 2 May 2010

Flex Your Head (1982)

Although this album contains a lot of non-essential hardcore, it does get props for so thoroughly documenting the early-'80s D.C. hardcore scene. For some of the groups (Red C, Iron Cross), this compilation was the extent of their exposure. For others (Minor Threat, Government Issue, Youth Brigade), this compilation was just the starting point for exposure and recognition. As for the music itself, all of the songs are fast and furious hardcore. While all brutally fast and confrontational, some groups are more melodic (Teen Idles, Red C), and some are about as atonal as a group can sound (Void). Whether the music is a light or heavy assault on the ears, this music is important. There isn't a more complete summary of early D.C. hardcore out there.
~ Zachary Curd, All Music Guide

various covers:


1. The Teen Idles - I Drink Milk
2. The Teen Idles - Commie Song
3. The Teen Idles - No Fun
4. The Untouchables - Rat Patrol
5. The Untouchables - Nic Fit
6. The Untouchables - I Hate You
7. State of Alert - I Hate the Kids
8. State of Alert - Disease
9. State of Alert - Stepping Stone Party
10. Minor Threat - Stand Up
11. Minor Threat - 12XU
12. Government Issue - Hey Ronnie
13. Government Issue - Lie, Cheat and Steal
14. Youth Brigade - Moral Majority
15. Youth Brigade - Waste of Time
16. Youth Brigade - Last Word
17. Red C - Jimi 45
18. Red C - Pressure's On
19. Red C - 6 O'Clock News
20. Red C - Assassin
Void - Dehumanized
22. Voi
d - Authority
23. Void - My Rules
24. Iron Cross - Wargames
25. Iron Cross - New Breed
26. Iron Cross - Live for Now
27. Artificial Peace - Artificial Peace
28. Artificial Peace - Outside Looking In
29. Artificial Peace - Wasteland
30. Deadline- Stolen Youth
31. Deadline - Hear the Cry
32. Deadline - Aftermath

320 kbps mp3

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