Saturday, 8 May 2010

House of Broken Promises

House of Broken Promises arose from the ashes of Unida -- the once highly touted stoner rock powerhouse led by vocalist John Garcia, post-Kyuss -- whose would-be second album became entangled in major-label intrigue and red tape, and never (officially) saw the light of day. So when the journeyman singer took his golden pipes elsewhere in 2007, the remaining trio of guitarist Arthur Seay, bassist Eddie Plasciencia (who had recently taken over for another departed Kyuss alum, Scott Reeder), and drummer Mike Cancino decided to start again from scratch. They briefly worked with vocalist Michael Keeth but realized that Plasciencia could handle the microphone just as well, so after testing new material in and around their home base of Indio, CA, the power trio signed with Michigan's Small Stone for the release of its 2009 debut album, Using the Useless.

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Death in Pretty Wrapping EP (2007)

192kbps mp3

Using the Useless (2009)

192kbps mp3

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Bep said...

Hey there. I've recently become obsessed with music blogs. I like yers, particularly that you had a good collection of Australian rock bands. I dunno what it is, perhaps the odd sort of isolation from continental countries, but Australia offers up some great rock and roll. They're kinda like if Texas were an independant contry. I've gotten quite a few very great things from you. Thanks! I recently completed a "one man harcore band 7" single" under the moniker "Violent Fit". It was all created with Garageband. There isn't a single "real" instrument on it other than my voice. I even put record static and needle scratches (after every 2 songs) to make it sound like an authentic 7" that came out in the late 80's or early 90's. You don't have to post it or anything (if you don't feel inclined to do so) but whether you (or anyone) likes it in general I think it's at least an interesting concept. Please take a listen, and if you can, let me know what ya think. Thanks again! - Bep Kororoti

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