Saturday, 26 March 2011

Jack Oblivian

Jack Oblivian is Jack Yarber's stage name, and was among the founders of the Oblivians and the Compulsive Gamblers. After the Compulsive Gamblers split up, and when he didn't put time into the Tennessee Tearjerkers, Jack Oblivian released some solo stuff.

American Slang (1997)

192kbps mp3

So Low (1998)

192kbps mp3

Saturday Night part 2 (2009)

192kbps mp3

3 singles

Black Boots/John Holmes Blues (2006)

Drinking Women's Milk/15 Beers (Jack Oblivian & the Cigarillos, 2008)

Sweet Thang (2009)

variable bitrate mp3


Anonymous said...

I love you - thanx for the extensive Jack O Post & keep on keepin´ on

steve said...

Awesome! Does anyone know if his Human Being is a cover? It sounds really familiar to me, but I can't quite place it.

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