Tuesday, 15 March 2011

King Sound Quartet

Mick Collins – vocals, guitar
Tim Kerr – guitar
Alex Cuervo – bass
Stephanie Friedman – drums

Founded in 1996, the King Sound Quartet began as four very different personalities coming together to make music with soul. Not wanting to limit themselves to one particular niche, the KSQ drew on 60’s soul, R&B, garage rock, hardcore punk, and free-jazz (see their 20-minute version of Sun Ra’s "Space Is The Place"). They are recognized as a super group of underground no-counts. Under the guidance of Young Lion Conspirator Tim Kerr (formerly of the Big Boys, POISON 13!!, and currently of the Lord High Fixers), the band cranked out some incredibly inspired music that resulted in their vinyl-only LP on In The Red and an excellent single on Estrus. After the initial recording sessions, everybody went back to his or her usual bands and day jobs - no live shows were ever performed. In the year 2000 a second album was planned with Matt Verta-Ray (Speedball Baby) joining the fold as an additional guitarist. This session failed due to differences too vast to list here, and, unfortunately, served as the final nail (and all the dirt) on the KSQ coffin.

Annihilate This Week single (1996)

128kbps mp3

The Getdown Imperative (1997)

256kbps mp3

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