Sunday, 1 May 2011


A-Bombs were a rock n'roll band created by known suspects of the swedish scene; Fred Estby (Dismember, Death Breath), Patric Wahlqvist (The Sewergrooves), Jonas Lundberg (Haystack), Daniel Andersson and Thomas Holm. They were active during the late-90's, releasing one single, one EP and one full-length, and contributing in Flattery: A Tribute to Radio Birdman vol.1.

Five Stupid Men single (1997)

224kbps mp3

Low Life Achievement EP (1999)

224kbps mp3

...And Just Constantly Rotating (1999)

320kbps mp3


Anonymous said...

Hey man, can you upload the "And just constantly rotating" album again? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Could you upload the album and the EP again? I've been dying to hear these and can't find 'em anywhere.

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