Thursday, 26 May 2011

'68 Comeback

Not to be confused with the Elvis TV special or Brian Setzer power trio of the same name, '68 Comeback rose from the ashes of Ohio's psychobilly kings, the Gibson Bros, in 1992. Spearheaded by now Memphis-based singer/songwriter/musicologist Jeffrey Evans -- who's said to have a shrine to rockabilly great Charlie Feathers in his living room -- this stripped-down blues-rock monster roared out of the garage (i.e. Evans' home studio) with a series of well-received singles on In the Red, Sub Pop, Get Hip, and a variety of other independent labels. Aside from Monsieur Evans (as he was now billing himself) on vocals, guitar, and blues harp, the initial lineup included Peggy O'Neill (the Gories) on drums, Darin Lin Wood (the Red Devils) on guitar, Dan Brown (Gloryhole) on bass, and Jack Taylor (Monster Truck Five) on guitar. (Yes, that's right -- three guitars.) Evans has claimed that their primary goal was to play live and to as accurately as possible recreate that live sound on record. On the strength of their first two singles, Chantilly Rock (And a Pony's Tail) (Sugar Ditch) and 3 X Loser (Sympathy for the Record Industry), they undertook a 60-day, 42-city U.S. tour. O'Neill was unable to make it, so Greg Cartwright (Oblivians) took her place on the traps. Upon completion of the cross-country jaunt, they went straight into the studio and laid down the tracks for their first EP, Paper Boy Blues (1993). Their first full-length, Mr. Downchild, followed in 1994. That same year, Sympathy compiled the 45s and the EP (plus a number of alternate takes and unreleased tracks) into Golden Rogues Collection and continued to release all their full-length recordings. Over the next few years, '68 Comeback issued several more 7"s -- including the double-single Someday My Prince Will Come (1996) -- and contributed to the soundtrack compilations, The Sore Losers (1997) and Shine On, Sweet Starlet (1998). Their most ambitious release to date, A Bridge Too Fuckin' Far, hit the streets in 1998. The 21-track double-LP was dedicated to guitarist Jack Taylor (born 1965), who had died of a drug overdose the previous year (that's his picture on the cover). It was followed by 1999's Love Always Wins, which consisted primarily of covers and is widely considered their most accessible release.
~ Kathleen C. Fennessy, All Music Guide

Paper Boy Blues EP (1993)

192kbps mp3

Mr.Downchild (1994)

320kbps mp3

Golden Rogues Collection (1994)

192kbps mp3

A Bridge Too Fuckin' Far (1998)

VBR mp3

Love Always Wins (1999)

VBR mp3

7 singles

1. Do the Rub (1994)
2. Great Million Sellers (1994)
3. Tobacco Road part 1 (1994)
4. High School Confidential (1995)
5. Someday My Prince Will Come (1996)
6. The Annex Sessions vol.1 (1996)
7. The Annex Sessions vol.2 (1997)

variable bitrate mp3


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