Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Sore Losers (1997)

Blackie (Jack Oblivian) is an immortal from the Killer Frequency. He was sent to Earth in 1954 to prove his worth as an assassin by killing exactly 12 random victims within a certain span of time, something he failed to do. Forty years later he has returned to take the remaining three lives -- no more, no less -- that he requires to fulfill his prophecy. A lot has changed since he's been gone, though, and there are forces conspiring to keep him Earthbound. He takes on a vicious, trigger-happy femme fatale (Kerine Elkins) who exceeds the quota when she murders both of her parents, so they must drive around with her mother's corpse in the backseat until a new victim can be chosen by the Elder of the Lo-Fi Frequency (veteran roadshow man David F. Friedman). Meanwhile, Blackie's insane best friend (Mike Maker) falls in love with Goliatha (D'Lana Tunnell), a motorcycle-riding sideshow girl with a very short attention span ("What did you say, anyway?") who might have something to do with the Apocalypse. Goliatha has been chosen as the final victim, but she's arrested by the Men in Black (played by all three members of Japanese trash-rockers Guitar Wolf) for the crimes that Blackie has committed, and if she dies in the electric chair before he can get to her, all hope is lost. This fast-paced sci-fi exploitation feature features a raw-boned musical score from a variety of high quality punk-garage bands including '68 Comeback, Mick Collins, and the Royal Pendletons.

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1. Tim Kearne - Blackie Is an Immortal... 1:15
2. Jack Taylor Experience - The Sore Losers 1:52
3. The Makers - Modern Day Freak 2:35
4. Guitar Wolf - Invader Ace 3:09
5. Mick Collins - Hoodlum, A.D. 3:18
6. Daphne Diaphanous - Guntown 1:29
7. Tim Feleppa - Knockturne 2:00
8. Poll Sci Clone - Alien Brains 2:58
9. Tim Kearne - Mike Was Always Fond of Mayhem... 1:01
10. '68 Comeback - Funky Kuntry Capers 2:36
11. Nick Diablo - Gotta Let Your Spirit Ride 3:14
12. '68 Comeback - '68 2:12
13. The Royal Pendeltons - No Teasin' Round 3:02
14. Mick Collins - Bump & Grind 2:06
15. Jack Oblivian - Vice Party 2:49
16. Tim Kearne - Kerine Loved To Bang... 1:09
17. Cris Clarity - Solar Prime 1:08
18. Cris Clarity - Rock N' Roll Band 3:45
19. Jack Oblivian - Spi-Fi (Subsonic) 1:05
20. '68 Comeback - Smack Dab (In the Middle) 2:12
21. The Drags - Shovel Fight 1:02
22. Los Diablos del Sol - Wild Sound 3:02
23. Gasoline - African Cowboy 3:17
24. Jack Oblivian - Bad Man 2:35
25. Tim Kearne - D'lana Is... Was... 1:08
26. '68 Comeback - Go Go Goliatha 2:58
27. The Drags - Suicide Wipers 1:39
28. The Makers - Time of Day 1:57
29. The Royal Pendeltons - (I'm a) Sore Loser 2:22
30. Mick Collins - GarageFather 0:29

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Δημήτρης said...

sounds promising!!!let's see...

Anonymous said...

video vanished quickly!

Anonymous said...

I'm dumb - video is there!

Anonymous said...

hey very cool! i'm tim feleppa and play a small part in this soundtrack..
jmm is a genius..

Anonymous said...

thanks for the movie,i couldn't find it anywhere on the web

jinx said...

not sure why but it took a while to download then it said it was empty file ? goin to try this again....

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