Thursday, 10 February 2011

Demon's Claws

Demon's Claws are one of the many bands to emerge from Montreal's thriving garage punk underground, playing a gritty mixture of folk-rock, country, and blues that's won them comparisons to the Rolling Stones and the Pretty Things, as well as punk-blues pioneers the Gun Club. (The Demon's Claws have been given the seal of approval by the folks at Norton Records, who released their cover of "Factory Girl" as part of their series of split singles of classic Rolling Stones tunes.) Demon's Claws were founded in 2003 by Jeff Clarke (aka Lester Del Ray and Rudy Stanko), a former member of the Cut Offs and the Normals, taking the group name from a sharply turned piece of track that came with a toy racing car set he owned as a child. Also featuring Pat Meteor on guitar, Ysael Pepin (aka Le Lutin) on bass, and Serge Gendron (aka Skip Jensen) on drums, Demon's Claws released their first single in 2005 for the German P. Trash label, with a self-titled full-length album appearing on the same imprint later that year. The New Zealand-based Perpetrator Records issued the band's next single, and in 2006, Serge Gendron left the band, with B-Man Le Duke taking over on drums; they same year they also added a keyboard player, Piero Ilov. The band toured Canada frequently and made occasional trips to the United States, where they formed a mutual appreciation society with manic Atlanta garage punks Black Lips, who took the band on road as an opening act and shared the Norton Records Stones tribute 7" with them. Along with a single for Rob's House Records, Demon's Claws released their second full-length album in 2007, Satan's Little Pet Pig, which was distributed by the noted garage punk outfit In the Red Records. After a long gap, their next album The Defrosting of appeared in October of 2010.
~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide

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Demon's Claws (2005)

192kbps mp3

Satan's Little Pet Pig (2007)

192kbps mp3

Sick Chili (2008)

320kbps mp3

Lost in the Desert (2009)

VBR mp3

The Defrosting of (2010)

320kbps mp3

6 singles and 1 EP

1. Demon's Claws single (2005)
2. Tomcat single (2005)
3. Live in Spring Branch, TX EP (2006)

4. What to Do/Factory Girl single (split w/Black Lips, 2007)

5. That Old Outlaw single (2007)

6. Fucked on Ketamine single (2008)
7. Weird Ways single (2008)

variable bitrate mp3

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