Thursday, 17 February 2011


Let it be known then that the Hormonas take some basic elements of what is known as garage, punk rock and psycho trash-a-billy, and mercilessly whip it up into their own sonic blastings which send them spinning into a maelstrom of tension and barely controlled menace. With hoodoo-voodoo vibes a-plenty, real cool time primitive drumming, played by Michela, and some full-on spidery / echo guitar scratchin’ n slashin’ going on, the band are to be found somewhere on the brink of – dare I mention it – Crampsian mayhem and rockin’ debauchery. Arriving on the scene in Venice, Italy in the early 2000's, the Hormonas have taken their twisted rock’n’roll show on the road all over Italy, and over to London too, sharing bills along the way with everyone from Tav Falco’s Panther Burns, fellow Italians the Rippers, and US musician / producer Tim Kerr. The Hormonas play the kind of stylised dirty and raw, sometimes furious garage punk-blues that certain acts, some currently enjoying global fame status, could only hope to dream about. With the Hormonas, it’s like they’ve got the sound of the suburban teen garage hang-outs, and the ‘gator-infested swamps in their alcohol-soaked veins and play like their very lives depend on it.

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Teenage Pussy single (2003)

192kbps mp3

split w/Kim's Teddy Bears (2004)

320kbps mp3

Dead Love Blues (2005)

256kbps mp3

Why Did You Leave Me Baby? (2007)

192kbps mp3

A Belly Full o'Tears (2010)

128kbps mp3


Wild Thing said...

I think I'm gonna love this one! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

"The Hormonas" are amazing! The best band I ever loved!

burn_bjoern said...

links sadly don´t work

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