Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mr. Airplane Man

Mr. Airplane Man is a Boston duo, Margaret Garrett (guitar, vocals) and Tara McManus (drums, keyboards), who have been playing since 1996. They named themselves after a Howlin’ Wolf song. Their obsession with rock and roll music since early high school inspired the band. They began playing on the street and by 1999 they were voted Best New Local Act by readers of the Boston Phoenix. They recorded their first full-length record in March 2001. It was raw and real. They played with the White Stripes and the Strokes, as well as local Boston garage rockers, Lyres. When they recorded their second record, Moanin’, they got to work with Jim Diamond and Greg “Oblivian” Cartwright. John Peel soon discovered them too and had them do a session. This led to their first European tour, which was highly successful. Mr. Airplane Man played many large tours of America in 2003. In the meantime, they were back in Memphis where they recorded their third record, C'mon DJ, which came out in January 2004.

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Mr. Airplane Man EP (1998)

192kbps mp3

Primitive! EP (2000)

VBR mp3

Red Lite (2001)

256kbps mp3

Moanin' (2002)

192kbps mp3

Shakin' Around EP (2003)

192kbps mp3

C'mon DJ (2004)

320kbps mp3

Peel Sessions (2003, 2004)

variable bitrate mp3


Anonymous said...

1. A big BIG thank you for everything.

2. The waiting period in Rapidshare has become unbearable, especially for several downloads in a row. May I make a suggestion?

a)If you are a Pro member, could you bundle all albums and EPs of each group into the same file? That's assuming you can upload bigger files.

b)If you are not a Pro member, why not move to Megaupload? It's much more user-friendly. You wait seconds, not hours (hours!), and you can even download more than one files simultaneously.

Regardless of whether you can or want to do any of the above, thanks again. Cheers!

Parasight said...

Fair points, but I'm more interested in the permanency of the links. As a result, right now there's not one single dead link on this blog. So, don't worry if you can't download a band's whole dicography in one hour. The links will always be here, and so will internet ;p

Anonymous said...

The very purpose of uploading in a hosting file will be defeated because of filehosting sites like rapidshare. The waiting time is 5 min. and above or first d/l and for multiple downloads it is even an hour or above. I will not use RS again whatever may be the file I am interested in, if it goes on like this. Better use Megaupload or still (no waiting time)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting their first ep & first album. those are especially hard to find! -k

Anonymous said...

Dang, the links expired.
Could you post the albums again, they are impossible to find !

Daria Baddeer said...

All links are broken. Can it be updated pleeeeease?

the admiral said...

YAY!! until now, i only had Moanin and Cmon DJ. Now I have everything!!!! thank you!

g said...

Margaret has a new reissue available among other goodies, go there

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