Saturday, 4 June 2011

Dancing on Your Graves: Rockabilly Tribute to the Hellacopters (2010)

01. The Camtwisters - Gotta Get Some Action
02. Ragged Bones - 24h Hell
03. Eyeballin' Torpedoes - No Song Unheard
04. Astrolites - Riot On The Rocks
05. The Absints - No Ones Gonna Do It For You
06. The High-Jacks - No Angel To Lay Me Away
07. The Jukebox - By The Grace Of God
08. Eyeballin' Torpedoes - It Might Mean Sonthing To You
09. Tommy Love - Carry Me Home
10. Hellbilly Boys - Everythings On Tv
11. The Rockabillians - Before The Fall
12. The Knockouts - Freeway To Hell
13. Robbans Rockabilly Circus - Toys & Flavours

VBR mp3


Murilo said...

Very good band... very good tribute!!

Anonymous said...

Hey mate, would you upload your very fucking good stuff again, the links are not working, and it's a real pitty because this is dynamite man. Cheers!

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