Friday, 1 July 2011

The Delta 72

The Delta 72 started back in June of 1994 as a three-piece rock and roll band in Washington, DC. The Delta 72 was very much a live band, and was able to successfully tour throughout the Midwest without releasing anything. Kim Thompson, previously of Cupid Car Club, later of Skull Kontrol, joined the group in January of 1995 on the bass guitar and they soon released a single on both Dischord and Kill Rock Stars, accompanied by a tour. Jason Kourkounis, previously of Mule, later of Hot Snakes and Burning Brides, became the band’s new drummer, solidifying a line up with Thomson on bass, Gregg Foreman on vocals, guitar, and harmonica, and Sarah Stolfa playing farfisa organ. The Delta 72 started releasing music on Touch and Go Records in 1996 with the Triple Crown 7” and the album The R&B of Membership. Bruce Reckahn replaced Thompson on bass for the release of 1997’s The Soul of a New Machine, and Mark Boyce, formerly of Boss Hog, replaced Stolfa on keyboards for 1999’s Sorega Doushita EP. In the spring of 2000, The Delta 72 released both their third full-length, 000, and The Doctor Is In 7” single, and continued to circumnavigate the US and Europe. The Delta 72 broke up in July of 2001.

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The R&B of Membership (1996)

256kbps mp3

The Soul of a New Machine (1997)

VBR mp3

Sorega Doushita EP (1999)

VBR mp3

000 (2000)

320kbps mp3

2 singles

1. On the Rocks 7" (1995)
2. Triple Crown 7" (1996)

128kbps mp3

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