Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Revolvers

The german punk n'rollers started in 2001 in Bochum, Germany by Uwe (voice/guitar), Marc from District (voice, guitar), Florida (bass) and Tobbe (drums). After their 2001 EP Rock 'n' Roll Babylon, their contribution in the compilation Chartbusters vol.4, and the amount of energy known to be emitted in their live shows, they started to be referred as a very promising band. In 2002, they released their debut full-length through People Like You records, entitled A Tribute to Cliches; a frenetic punk n'roll album with obvious classic influences (New York Dolls), as well as newer ones (Backyard Babies). The band continued with shows in several european countries, supporting bands like Mad Sin, the Bones and Dead Kennedys. Next, they released a split album with Duane Peters & the Hunns, followed by their second album End of Apathy in 2003; a more mature and versatile approach to their sound, but still keeping their energy intact. In 2004, the first cracks in the band's composition started to show, as Marc turned his attention to his old punk band District and finally left the Revolvers. The remaining band core had him replaced with Pascal Briggs but this didn't last very long and the Revolvers were finally disbanded in 2005. After that, Marc, Tobbe and Flo created a reincarnation of District named 2nd District, while Uwe created Hiroshima Mon Amour.

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Rock 'n' Roll Babylon EP (2001)

128kbps mp3

A Tribute to Cliches (2002)

192kbps mp3

split w/Duane Peters & the Hunns (2002)

192kbps mp3

End of Apathy (2003)

192kbps mp3

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