Saturday, 26 November 2011

Les Sexareenos

Originally founded out of the ashes of the Spaceshits, Les Sexareenos got their name from a Ron Haydock teen pulp novel. After releasing some EPs and singles, all of which received praise for their incredible energy and live feeling, the group released their debut album on Sympathy for the Record Industry, Live! In the Bed. Touring continued for the group, including stops in Europe, Japan, and Australia. In 2001, the band released Can You Do the Nose Mustache?, another EP. This was prior to an August release of 14 Frenzied Shakers, their sophomore effort on Sympathy. The band has performed at several musical showcases in Canada and the United States, and has toured with the Deadly Snakes, the Von Bondies, and the Detroit Cobras among others. A collection of their numerous seven-inch releases, 28 Party Dancers from Montreal’s Finest, was released by Sympathy in 2005.

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Live! In the Bed (2000)

192kbps mp3

14 Frenzied Shakers (2001)

192kbps mp3

28 Party Dancers from Montreal's Finest (2005)

320kbps mp3

EPs & singles

Can You Do the Noise Mustache? (2000)
Finger Party! (2000)
All Night Gets Gong (2001)
Out to Sea (2001)
I Found You (2004)

variable bitrate mp3

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