Monday, 15 December 2008

Feedtime part II

Suction (1989)

1. Motorbike Girl
2. Possum
3. Drag Your Dog

4. Ever Again

5. Highway

6. Confused Blues

7. I'll Be Rested

8. Pumping a Line

9. Meter

10. Social Suction

11. Trouble

12. Valve Frank

13. Arse

VBR mp3

Billy (1996)

1. Billy
2. You Don't Know My Mind
3. Melody Line
4. Long Haul
5. Hero
6. Wagon
7. 6-Slap
8. Vigilante Man
9. You
10. Relax Your Mind

192kbps mp3

Feedtime part I


Anonymous said...

Excellent, thanks for these. Real pleased to get a chance to hear Billy (and re-hear Suction, without digging through the vinyl).

Planning on any more Aussie rock? How 'bout The Cosmic Psychos?

Thanks Mike

Parasight said...

Aussie rock is always on schedule, stay tuned.

phut said...

great band...the best thing i've ever heard from australia(exept of course party,birdman,clowns)

Annika said...

so excellent, thanks heaps!

bobbysu said...

thank you very much

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