Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Mummies part II

Runnin' on Empty vol.1 (1996)

1. One Potato, Two Potato
2. The House on the Hill
3. Die!
4. (They Call Me) Willie the Wild One
5. The Mummies' Theme
6. Shit
7. The Double Axe
8. Intro
9. Come On Up (live)
10. What a Way to Die (live)
11. The Fly (live)
12. Uncontrollable Urge (live)
13. Justine! (live)
14. (My Love Is) Stronger than Dirt (live)
15. Skinny Minnie (live)
16. One Potato, Two Potato (live)

VBR mp3

Runnin' on Empty vol.2 (1996)

1. Down Home Girl
2. Food Sickles & Girls

3. In and Out

4. (You) Can't Sit Down

5. I'm Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight

6. Dangerman

7. Uncontrollable Urge
8. Girl U Want

9. The Fly

10. The Ballad of Iron Eyes Cody

11. Just One More Dance
12. Babba Diddy Baby

13. High Heel Sneakers

192kbps mp3

3 EPs

Shitsville (1990)
1. A Girl Like You
2. That's Mighty Childish
3. (Doin') the Kirk
4. Die!

The Mummies vs. The Wolfmen (split w/the Wolfmen, 1992)
1. The Mummies - Land of 1000 Dances
2. The Mummies - Victim of Circumstances
3. The Wolfmen - Insane in an Insane World
4. The Wolfmen - I Don't Want Noone

Tour '93 (split w/Supercharger, 1993)
1. The Mummies - I'm Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight
2. The Mummies - I Should Better Be Looking for Dangerman
3. Supercharger - Bad Boy
4. Supercharger - I'm Beat

variable bitrate mp3


Zer0_II said...

Wow.. thank you very much for both Mummie's posts. I have the majority of their releases, but there are a few here that I didn't have. Keep up the great work and take care.


Mr. Trashe said...

Only a one comment?? this sucks!!.

Anyway, thanks man this ep's are great, thanks for mummies and supercharger split i didn't have it.

your blo is really great tons and tons of good taste and music.

you friend

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot

Pipkin said...

Any chance you could re-upload these? The links are all dead, and I've been lookin' all over for 'em. Thanks!

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