Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Devil Dogs part I

While recording an album in 1989, New York City punk band the Rat Bastards imploded due to typical musical differences, and two members, Andy Gortler (guitar, vocals) and Steve Baise (bass, vocals), carried on with the project as the Devil Dogs. Influenced particularly by '60s trash rock (Sonics, Wailers), Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound", and the big New York punk sound of the '70s (Ramones, New York Dolls, Dictators), the Devil Dogs went on to release a slew of LPs, EPs, live albums, and 45s. Gortler originally formed a band called Gilligan's Revenge in the early '80s, which became Token Entry and then Black Train Jack after his departure. Baise played in a New Jersey-based surf/punk combo, PT109, before joining the Rat Bastards. Drummer "Mighty" Joe Vincent, who also played in PT109, joined the group in 1991.

The Devils Dogs (1989)

192kbps mp3

We Three Kings (1991)

192kbps mp3

Devil's Hits (1991)

320kbps mp3

30 Sizzling Slabs (1993)

192kbps mp3

The Devil Dogs part II


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

hope part 2 has those hard to find live albums.

Anonymous said...

Hey mate, thanks for sharing.
The second link (we three kings) isn't working anymore.

Parasight said...

Link fixed, cheers!

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