Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Left Lane Cruiser

Left Lane Cruiser is an American punk blues band originating from Fort Wayne, IN. The band has stated that their main influence comes from the North Mississippi Hill Country Blues musicians, most of whom were or are currently signed to Fat Possum Records. Left Lane Cruiser is composed of Fredrick "Joe" Evans IV on slide guitar and vocals with Brenn Beck on drums, harmonica, back up vocals and various percussive gear. In July 2007, Left Lane Cruiser was signed to Alive Records. Their first nationally released album, Bring Yo' Ass to the Table, was released on January 8, 2008. In September 2008 Left Lane Cruiser embarked on their first European Tour. Their third album, All You Can Eat, was released on Alive Records, September 15, 2009.

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Gettin' Down on It (2006)

VBR mp3

Bring Yo' Ass to the Table (2008)

256kbps mp3

All You Can Eat (2009)

192kbps mp3


Anonymous said...

not a surprise to see this band in your blog, as far as you like Black Diamond Heavies) the sound pretty similar to me, though Cruiser is more country, both bands are minimalistic, and contain really awesome raw blues sound. Love these guys, I also recommend you to try Jawbone.
P.S. Thanks for cool blog, I visit it regularly, seriously, good job.

Anonymous said...


Dr. Carrion said...

hum... it seems to be good. Let's check!

did you ever listen to Uncle Butcher? maybe you dig.


Chi Sin Gweilo said...

just recently found your blog, loving it mate!

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