Monday, 21 September 2009

Peter Pan Speedrock part II

Lucky Bastards (2003)

192kbps mp3

Spread Eagle (2005)

192kbps mp3

Peter Pan Speedrock/Zeke split (2005)

192kbps mp3

Pursuit Until Capture (2007)

VBR mp3

Cross Contamination (split w/Batmobile, 2008)

192kbps mp3

Dikke Dënnis & Friends (split w/Dikke Dënnis & The Spades, 2001)

192kbps mp3

Peter Pan Speedrock part I


Anonymous said...

dead link for "Dikke dennis and friends". Couls you re up please???
Thanks for all, go on with your blog !!!

Parasight said...

Link fixed, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great stuff.

Stathis said...


can you please repost "Peter Pan Speedrock"s CDs, especially the first rare album?

Thank you very much

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