Thursday, 18 August 2011

Joe Buck Yourself

Joe Buck is the stage name of Jim Finkley, an american country and punk rock musician from Murray, Kentucky. His primary instruments are double bass and guitar. Joe Buck's first serious musical project was called Gringo. In the late 1990s, Joe Buck emerged as the guitarist for Th' Legendary Shack Shakers. He played all guitar, bass and drums on their 2003 album Cockadoodledon't. He played bass for Hank Williams III's country/hellbilly "Damn Band", and was also member of Williams' punk-metal project Assjack. He is credited, along with Williams and Andy Gibson, with engineering and producing Williams' album, Straight to Hell, and appears to have recorded backing vocals for Hank Williams III's Bootleg #3 Pre-Release album. As a solo artist, he tours internationally under the moniker Joe Buck Yourself and is represented by Bucket City Agency, a booking agency which he co-founded.
Joe Buck Yourself Motherfucker (2004)

320kbps mp3

Joe Buck Y0urself (2007)

320kbps mp3

Piss and Vinegar (2010)

192kbps mp3

4 EPs & 1 single

1. One Man Banned EP (2006)
2. Hillbilly Speedball EP (2007)
3. Gory Gory Hallelujah EP (2008)
4. Buck & Wheeler EP (2008)
5. split single w/Flat Tires (2011)

variable bitrate mp3


Δημήτρης said...

i love the Shack Shakers so this guy sounds very promising.thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, thanks a lot! I've been looking for some of this for a long time. You couldn't order P&V from outside the US and now it seems to be not available at, thanks!

Anonymous said...

can't you reupload Piss and Vinegar (2010) and Ep's? please man, i can't find it and cannot download from rapidshare ):

Anonymous said...

Thanks guy

ça trou le cul !

thomas tirrell said...

can you please re up these? all the links are dead. thanks. appreciate it. or send me the files to my email.

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