Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Two-thirds of Mule, Jim Kimball and Kevin Munro (formerly Kevin Strickland) was made up of ex-members of the Laughing Hyenas. The other third, a former member of Wig, P.W. Long (born Preston Cleveland), was a blood relative to the Hyenas front man, John Brannon (Negative Approach). Mule began in 1991 in Detroit. Like the Hyenas, Mule played swampy Southern tinged backwoods rock, but with somewhat more of an affinity for traditional country—"hillbilly punk", if you will. From 1991-1996, they released two full lengths, one EP, and a handful of singles. “Mule don’t give a damn about your political hang ups; but they’ll do wonders for your sex life.”

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Mule (1993)

192kbps mp3

If I Don't Six (1994)

192kbps mp3

1 EP & 3 singles

Wrung EP (1994)
I'm Hell single (1992)
Tennessee Hustler single (1992)
Soul Sound single (split w/Shellac, 1997)

variable bitrate mp3

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