Monday, 8 August 2011

The Sinners

The Sinners, Lund's major contribution to the history of rock'n'roll, started playing in the winter of 1982-83. Prior to the Sinners, the members were involved in various punk and new wave bands without gaining more than local success. The Sinners did their first live appearance in September 1983 when they played support to Wilmer X at Fredman's in Malmö. They've been doing gigs regularly ever since and have secured a position as one of the most exciting bands from southern Sweden. In the very beginning they covered old Nuggets standards, but very soon they begun writing their own material. They released three singles (Open Up Your Door/Echoes (From Your Heart), Won't Be Back and Hotshot/I Won't Take That From You) on their own label Teenage Kicks. In April 1986 the Sinners did their first tour abroad with six successful gigs in France and appeared on French TV and radio. In October 1986 the French label Swamp Records released a mini-LP entitled The Original Sin containing the first three singles and some other tracks. To promote this mini-LP the Sinners returned to France in January 1987 for a more extensive tour which also included gigs in Germany and Spain. Once home, the Sinners started recording their first album, From the Heart Down, which was released in October 1987 by Amigo Records. In the beginning of 1990 the Sinners started the recordings of their second album together with producer Michael Ilbert at the Polar Studio where also ABBA and Led Zeppelin had recorded. The album was named Piece by Piece and was released by MNW in april 1990, followed by a successful tour. Soon after that, the Sinners went back into the studio to record the follower Turn It Up!. In 1992 the Sinners were awarded the Zeppelin price as Best Swedish Rockband, and they were also nominated for a grammy earlier that year. The Sinners got a major recorddeal with Warner Music in 1993 and in October of that year Come Fly with Us was released. After disputes with Warner Music, the Sinners left the label and had a long break. During this break the band members got engaged in other projects; Langhorns (Michael and Rikard), the Men (Sven) and Zerox (Henki and Rikard again). Through the years until 1994, the Sinners toured a lot to more than 300 cities in many different countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Spain and France); in 1989 they played at one of Europe's biggest festivals, the Roskilde Festival.

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The Original Sin (1986)

320kbps mp3

From the Heart Down (1987)

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Piece by Piece (1990)

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Turn It Up! (1991)

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10 Year Jubilee EP (1992)

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Come Fly with Us (1993)

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