Friday, 23 May 2008

Head Off - The Originals

1. Electrocute (The Demons)
2. Midnight Angels (The Peepshows)
3. I'm Watching You (The Humpers)
4. No Salvation (The Turpentines)
5. In the Sign of the Octopus (The Robots)
6. Veronica Lake (The New Bomb Turks)
7. Another Turn (The Maharajas)
8. I Just Don't Know About Girls (Asteroid B-612)
9. Rescue (Dead Moon)
10. Making Up for Lost Time (The Bellrays)
11. Throttle Bottom (Gaza Strippers)
12. Darling Darling (Royal Cream)
13. Acid Reign (The Yesmen)
14. Straight Until Morning (Powder Monkeys)

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bitrate: variable


Anonymous said...

would it be possible to re upload the music again??

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