Sunday, 25 May 2008

Deadbolt part III

I Should Have Killed You (2005)

1. I Should Have Killed You
2. Scary Voodoo Girl

3. Telephone the Dead

4. When the Lights Come On

5. Hell Dorado

6. Spot Where They Gunned Him Down

7. Every Minute of the Day

8. She Ran Away

9. El Segundo

10. Tell Me Where He Lies

11. Big John

12. Fright Wig

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Voodoo Trucker (2007)

1. Billy's Dead
2. Voodoo Trucker
3. Truck Driving S.O.B.
4. Red Cooley
5. Voodoo Curse
6. McGortsy
7. Blacktop Fever
8. Whereabouts Unknown
9. What Can I Do
10. Roadside Cross
11. The Mocker
12. Let's Truck
13. Lone Highway
14. Trucker's Rumble

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Deadbolt part I
Deadbolt part II
Deadbolt - Hobo Babylon (2001)


See its Fredo again said...

Just another Thank You! from me. Gonna download em all with deadbolt. Nice blog I will check the other posts afterwards

Anonymous said...

Love Deadbolt. THanks.

Shock said...

I was looking "Voodoo Trucker" for mouths and I find your blog with all their albums and millions of good music.

Thanks dude.
Greeting from México.

Anonymous said...

hey and thanks for give me the chance to listen to all of the deadbolts-music!
never heard of them but they are great!!
thanx from northern germany..

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