Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Pierced Arrows

After the totally unexpected demise of underground legends Dead Moon in the end of 2006, nobody was surprised to hear that founders Fred and Toody Cole had lost little time in starting a new band. They recruited drummer Kelly Halliburton in April 2007, and soon the Pierced Arrows were up and running, playing live shows in the Northwest of the USA and recording songs for upcoming releases. Pierced Arrows pick up, musically, where Dead Moon left off - a lo-fi assault on the senses played with the sincerity and feeling that made DM such a special band for all of their fans around the world.

Official site

Myspace site

Straight to the Heart (2008)

1. Guns of Thunder
2. Black Rainbows
3. Caroline
4. In my Brain
5. Walking Wounded
6. Shades
7. Mr.Soul
8. Frankenstein
9. The Wait
10. C-U
11. Up on a Cloud
12. Lost
13. Hills on Fire

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR


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andrea scholz said...

hi there,

great to find PIERCED ARROWS on the blog!! But please note the direct backlink to the IBD page is:

thanks for your attention and keep on rockin !
andrea - ibdbooking

Parasight said...

Fixed! Thanks and cheers!

Jura [32] said...

Great blog! I've been lookin' for PA for some time. Feel free to visit my blog. Hi from Zagreb, Croatia, Europe.

Anonymous said...

Hi, what's your password? thx

aStroStrich said...

thanx for this one!

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