Sunday, 25 May 2008

Oblivians part II

The Sympathy Sessions (1996)

1. Can't Last Another Night
2. Happy Blues

3. Never Enough

4. Feel Real Good

5. I'm Not a Sicko, There's a Plate in my Head

6. Five Hour Man

7. Shut My Mouth

8. Show Me What You Like
9. Clones
10. No Time
11. What RocknRoll Is All About
12. Memphis Creep
13. Something for Nothing
14. Big Black Hole
15. Can't Afford You
16. Kick Your Ass
17. No Butter for My Bread
18. Show Me Again

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR

Play 9 Songs with Mr.Quintron (1997)

1. Feel All Right
2. Live the Life

3. I May Be Gone

4. I Don't Wanna Live Alone

5. Final Stretch

6. What's the Matter Now
7. Ride that Train

8. If Mother Knew

9. Mary Lou

format: mp3
bitrate: 256kbps

Melissa's Garage Revisited (1999)

1. It Don't Take Too Much
2. Rockin' in the Graveyard
3. Don't Worry
4. Dearest Darling
5. We're Not in It to Lose
6. Someday My Prince Will Come
7. The Darker the erry
8. Sticks and Stones
9. Bending like a Willow Tree

format: mp3
bitrate: 128kbps

Oblivians part I

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Thx very much for "Melissa's Garage Revisited", very nice post :-)

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