Friday, 19 September 2008

Lee Harvey Oswald Band

Lee Harvey Oswald Band is a mysterious side-project of Rick Sims' (Didjits, Supersuckers, Gaza Strippers). They delivered full throttle noise punk, with distorted vocals. They released an EP and two albums between 1989 and 1996, and besides that almost nothing is known of them.

A Taste of Prison (1994)
including "The Lee Harvey Oswald Band" EP (1989)

1. Theme Fenderblast
2. Tinglers
3. Jesus ever Lived on Mars

4. Mamma's All Right

5. Amen, Man

6. Locomotion

7. The Bowels of Rock and Roll
8. Junior's Farm

9. Getting It On-Off

10. Roadside Full of Tammy

11. Van Gogh and the Chemical Haze

12. Steam Roller Dogie

13. Getting Wasted with the Vampires
14. Boss Hoss
15. Lightning Strikes
16. Mad Dog (live)
17. When the Satans Come Marching In

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Blastronaut (1996)

1. The Greatest Man that Ever Walked the Face of the Earth
2. Surrender Earthlings
3. Rocket 69
4. Easy Amplification
5. Panic in Hanoi
6. Brontosaurus
7. Morphodite
8. Green like the Color of Blood
9. You Talk Sunshine...I Breathe Fire
10. The Scorpio Letter
11. Madeleine Loves the Leeches

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps


Chris said...

Thanks for upping this man. Really appreciate the effort. They seem to have been criminally neglected - there's virtually nothing about them anywhere on the web. I wish Mr Sims would start another rock band. He seems to be totally immersed in musical theatre these days. I had tickets two months in advance of the Didjits London show in early '94 (late '93 maybe?) that was cancelled because of their abrubt break-up. Robbed!!!

RC said...

Hell yeah! Thanks for this. I remember waiting for Taste of Prison to come out after Zowie got out of prison. Epic releases! The first EP sold me on these guys for life.

Dazz said...

Downloads been taken down, anywhere else I can get Blastronaut? Would really appreciate any help, or if anyone could send it to me.

Cheers :)

Parasight said...

Links fixed, check em out!

sleezestak said...

Thanks I love this band and haven't been able to find them for some time.

Gideon said...

Links are down again?? Can you please re-up? I'd love to hear this. The Gaza Strippers are awesome, hoping these guys are just as good.

Gideon said...

By the way, this site is awesome. Lots of hard to find stuff on here. I'm a big fan of Scandinavian rock so this site is like heaven!! Thanks again.

ben said...

hey man,

these links are busted. i've been looking for these records for ages and can't find em anywhere.

any help would be massively appreciated

Parasight said...

Links fixed once more, get'em while they're here!

John Dissed said...

I got Blastronaut after hearing "Panic in Hanoi" on the Rock and Roll Geek Indiecast. Great album. I love the vocals.

bobbysu said...

thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Apparently Rick Sims didn't have anything to do with this band, but that doesn't diminish their overall awesomeness.

JIM HAYES said...

I LOVE THIS BAND! caps unlock. anyway thanks for posting-who the hell were they?

JIM HAYES said...

I spoke to ZOWIE FENDERBLAST yesterday. For forty minutes. He was kind, gracious, funny. I've wanted to talk to him for twenty years. The song "panic in hanoi" is so vast-they go so many places with that song.

JIM HAYES said...

Zowie gave me his first interview EVER

Anonymous said...

The guy he talked to was not Zowie Fenderblast. Fake.

Anonymous said...

This whole "Zowie gave me an interview" thing is SO fake!!! That guy is not the guy who sang with this band.

JIM HAYES said...

First off, i love your blog. I was on the phone with Zowie Fenderblast for two hours this morning. I'm amazed that someone could think that I made this up. I'm not that imaginative. I'm not gonna print Zowie's real name or number but he lives at the athens clarke county dump in Georgia. I live in Marietta some 80 miles away.

JIM HAYES said...

I just got off the phone with Zowie, if you want to see a recent interview: go to you tube and type in VUCK, there's a talk with Zowie and some art students from April. Zowie suggested that the guy who said the interview was fake was probably a friend of Dave Sims. Tho from what i've heard being friends with that guy is completely uncool...

Anonymous said...

I read the interview as well and it IS not real. Nothing this guy says is true about the band. He's joking with you.

JIM HAYES said...

hey captain anonymous,both of you or one of you-regardless of what zowie said-it's zowie! postmodernism is listening to zowie while talking to zowie on the phone while driving to zowie's house...

Red Baskins said...

I knew Savic back in the days when he lived in Champaign, Il., and he was not in any bands. He was doing the homo erotic tattoo thing even then,though. Much later he gave me the Betty Page Shemale tattoo that he invented and that has pretty much become a staple of the gay ink world.

Shouter said...

Any chance you could reupload this? The links are down. Just discovered these and got blown away. I know that you've put it back up twice already, but I'm can't find this stuff anywhere.

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