Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Sound Explosion

The Sound Explosion is a legendary Greek garage rock band, which was formed in May 1991. They released several 7" singles and gave headline shows as well as supporting great bands, like Fuzztones, Dead Moon, Overcoat etc. In 1997 they took a long break until 2004, when they re-emerged and started to give shows again. Their current status is unknown.

Hangover Baby single (1993)

1. Hangover Baby
2. Some Other Guy

I'll Shake the Universe single (1994)

1. I'll Shake the Universe
2. Why Can't You See

Another Lie single (1996)

1. Another Lie
2. Misirlou the Greek

The Last Recordings EP (2000)

1. The S.Ex. in Outer Limits
2. You'd Better Shake Right Now
3. Watch Yourself
4. She's Sorry

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