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Scientists - 1st period

Kim Salmon had formed a protopunk band, the Cheap Nasties, in August 1976. He left them in December 1977. The remainder of the band, with Robbie Porritt joining as lead vocalist, continued as The Manikins. Salmon then replaced Mark Demetrius in the Exterminators, who then became known as the Invaders. The lineup included Roddy Radalj (guitar, vocals), Boris Sujdovic (bass) and John Rowlings (drums). The Invaders became the Scientists in May 1978, when James Baker from the Victims replaced John Rowlings. Sujdovic left the band in August 1978. The songwriting partnership that ensued, with Baker writing lyrics which Salmon would put to music, naturally favoured a melodic pop infused style of punk. The band started playing again in January 1979 with Dennis Byrne on bass. This lineup recorded the band's first single, "Frantic Romantic"/"Shake (Together Tonight)", released in June 1979 on the DNA label. Radalj and Byrne left in April 1979, to be replaced by Ben Juniper (guitar) and Ian Sharples (bass). This lineup recorded the band's second release, The Scientists EP (released February 1980) and did two tours of Melbourne and Sydney, in December 1979 and February/March 1980. In Melbourne, the band appeared on pop TV show Countdown, performing "Last Night" from the EP. Juniper left the band in May 1980 and Salmon, Baker and Sharples continued as a three-piece. The band broke up in January 1981 after recording their album, The Scientists (commonly referred to as The Pink Album), released in August 1981.

The Scientists (1981)

1. Shadows of the Night
2. Girl

3. I'm Looking for You

4. She Said She Loves Me

5. Sorry

6. That Girl
7. High Noon

8. Last Night

9. Pissed on Another Planet

10. Teenage Dreamer

11. Another Sunday

12. Walk the Plank

13. Larry

14. Making a Sense

15. It'll Never Happen Again

16. Bet Ya Lyin'

17. It's for Real

format: mp3
bitrate: VBR

Pissed on Another Planet (2004 compilation)

1. Frantic Romantic
2. Shake Together Tonite
3. Pissed on Another Planet
4. Last Night
5. It's for Real
6. Bet Ya Lyin'
7. Larry
8. Teenage Dreamer
9. That Girl
10. She Said She Loves Me
11. Shadows of the Night
12. High Noon
13. Girl
14. Lookin' for You
15. Walk the Plank

format: mp3
bitrate: 320kbps

Scientists - 2nd period part I
Scientists - 2nd period part II

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