Thursday, 2 October 2008

Speedealer part I

Speedealer originally formed in 1994 in Lubbock, TX, under the name REO Speedealer. When REO Speedwagon served the band a cease-and-desist order on their moniker, they shortened their name to Speedealer. In 1998, the band released their debut, self-titled album on Royalty Records. The following year, the hard rocking foursome -- made up of singer/guitarist Jeff Hirshberg, bassist Rodney Skelton, drummer Harden Harrison, and guitarist Eric Schmidt -- released their follow-up record, Here Comes Death, on the same label. Royalty Records went bankrupt soon after the band's second release, leaving Speedealer to their own devices for exposure. Label-less and musically driven, they played 309 shows in 1999 to stay in the public eye, pairing up with such like-minded, aggressive rockers as Zeke, Fu Manchu, Neurosis, and GWAR. Speedealer's efforts finally paid off when Palm Records A&R man Michael Alago (who signed Metallica to Elektra and White Zombie to Geffen) contracted the band to his label. Palm Records re-released Here Comes Death in 2000, and Second Sight in 2002.
~ Jennifer Maerz, All Music Guide

REO Speedealer (Spanish Fly Records, 1996)

1. Binge
2. 10 Horsepower Briggs & Stratton

3. Swingin'

4. Dealer's Choice

5. Cocaine Joey

6. Zeke

7. The Great Santini

8. Cream #1

9. Brown

10. They Is as They Does

11. Showgirls

12. Fancy Pants

13. My Headers Are Hot

14. Viva la Vulva

15. Sticky Alan

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

REO Speedealer (Royalty Records, 1998)

1. Turkeyneck
2. Screamer
3. Double Clutchin' Finger Fuckin'
4. Gotterdammerung
5. Cocaine Dave
6. Teenage
7. Schlitterbahn
8. Pussy
9. Pig Fucker
10. Move It or Lose It
11. Nothing to Me
12. Come Down
13. Get a Rope
14. Crank Bait
15. Ain't Fuckin' Around

format: mp3
bitrate: 192kbps

Speedealer part II


greg said...

Thank you for this post--a great band ! Unfortunately this cd is still out of print..

efren sucker said...

You rule!!thanks very much for sharing this, your blog's just awesome!!!

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