Monday, 7 July 2008

The Yes-Men

The Yes-Men were one of the most powerful Australian high energy rock'n'roll bands from the late 90s. Unfortunately they stayed as "the next big thing", due to a drugs overdose in 2001 which took frontman Sean Greenway away. Greenway (GOD, Freeloaders), was the leader and songwriter of this super band, in which members such as Tim Hemmensley (GOD, Bored!, Powder Monkeys) and Stewart "Leadfinger" Cunningham (Proton Energy Pills, Brother Brick, Asteroid B612, Challenger 7) also played. In their second release "El Peligro ha Comenzado" the Yes-Men expose those recordings that never saw the light of day, including amazing covers of songs by the Sex Pistols and Radio Birdman.

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Prosody (1999)

1. Ma Raf Vo
2. What's Wrong

3. I Won't Run

4. World in a Room

5. Your Hanging

6. You're so Bad
7. Fawlty Rocks

8. Fratricide

9. Stripping Music
10. Acid Reign

11. Casting Stones

12. A Dog Is for Christmas

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bitrate: VBR

El Peligro ha Comenzado (2002)

1. Brimming
2. The Great Charade
3. Four Walls
4. Listen
5. Devil's Right Hand
6. Lion's Share
7. 366 Days
8. Swept Back
9. Leaving
10. Did You No Wrong
11. The Danger Has Begun
12. Anglo Girl Desire

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bitrate: 256kbps


Capitain Poon said...

I love this band. Is incredible that with the quantity of good bands that exists here, the people do not comment on anything. Good luck friend

Rotten said...

I dont know if you still check the blog or not...
I love the YES-MEN, as I loved GOD, Bored!, Powder Monkeys, Cosmic Psychos, Proton Energy Pills, Lime Spiders, Meanies...
Australian rock... ROCKS!!

Leadfinger said...

Thanks for the giving these albums some time...great stuff. STEW

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