Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Midnight Thunder Express

Born in May 2001, Midnight Thunder Express were formed after the demise of Seattle punk rock n' rollers, the Valentine Killers. Stu Miller, Brian Coloff, and Scott Myrene decided to forge on with their mission. However, this time it was layering the sexual swagger of T Rex and the Stones on top of pure rock n' roll learned on record from the masters such as AC/DC, MC5, and the New York Dolls. Recruiting Willie from the sinking vessel known as the Backstabbers and Jimmy Flame (Jimmy Flame and the Sexy Boys) on drums, Midnight Thunder Express was complete. Their only release was the self-titled album on 2002.

Midnight Thunder Express (2002)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Exploding White Mice part II

Collateral Damage (1992)

192kbps mp3

We Walk Alone (1994)

192kbps mp3

4 singles

1. Blaze of Glory/He's Gonna Step on You Again (1987)
2. Breakdown Number Two/Bury Me (1988)
3. Fear (Late at Night)/Without Warning (1988)
4. I Just Want My Fun (1990)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Exploding White Mice part I

Exploding White Mice were formed in Adelaide, South Australia in early 1984, for the sole purpose of playing a set of covers at a friend’s party. The first line-up consisted of Gerry Barrett (guitar), Giles Barrow (guitar), Paul Gilchrist (vocals), Andy MacQueen (bass) and Craig Rodda (drums). The band wore its influences proudly on its sleeve, those being: 60’s garage punk (Sonics, 13th Floor Elevators etc.), 70’s American punk rock (Stooges, MC5, New York Dolls, Ramones etc.), and 70’s Australian rock and roll (the Saints & Radio Birdman). After playing a couple of parties, the band (to its surprise) was offerred a show at an inner-city pub, which began a rapid growth in popularity. Shows were characterised by high energy, masses of dyed black hair, brutal volume and relentless posing, all of which went down a storm in the already healthy Adelaide scene. Other bands playing around town at the time included the Spikes, Mad Turks, Screaming Believers, Primevils and the Plague, all of whom would, along with the Mice, soon release records on the Greasy Pop label. In late 1984 Gerry Barrett left the band, to be replaced by guitarist Jeff Stephens, who remained a member until the band’s last gig in May 2000.

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A Nest of Vipers EP (1985)

192kbps mp3

Brute Force and Ignorance (1988)

320kbps mp3

Exploding White Mice (1990)

192kbps mp3

Exploding White Mice part II

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