Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Soviettes

The Soviettes formed in the midst of Minneapolis winter in 2000. Without want for last names, Annie (guitar/vocals), Sturgeon (guitar/vocals), Suzy (bass), and Danny (drums) tore into recording, and by 2003 had issued their self-titled debut via Adeline. It was fuzzy, punky, striped, and ballsy, and made an impression in the Twin Cities and beyond. The ingeniously titled II followed in 2004, and featured more bratty one- and two-minute songs with names like "#1 Is Number Two" and "Pass the Flashlight." By this point the Soviettes had spread their love all over town, not to mention the plains states and points west. Fat Wreck noticed and signed the quartet in 2004. The Soviettes' III LP was issued on June 28, 2005.
~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide

The Soviettes LP (2003)

1. Blue Stars
2. Bottom's Up, Bottomed Out

3. 9th St.

4. 1308

5. Go Lambs Go!
6. B Squad

7. Tailwind

8. Matt's Song
9. Clueless

10. Thin Ice

11. The Land of Clear Blue Radio

12. Undeliverable

13. Cuff Wars
14. Her Neon Heart

192kbps mp3

LP II (2004)

1. Ten
2. #1 Is Number Two

3. Pass the Flashlight

4. Goes Down Easy
5. Winning Is for Losers

6. Angel A

7. Tonight

8. There's a Banana in My Ear

9. Love Song

10. Portland
11. Channel X
12. Whatever You Want

13. Don't Say No
14. Come On Bokkie

VBR mp3

LP III (2005)

1. Multiply and Divide
2. !Paranoia Cha Cha Cha!

3. Middle of the Night

4. Whoa

5. (Do) the Stagger
6. What Did I Do?!

7. Roller Girls

8. Together
9. Thinking of You

10. Hanging Up the Phone

11. How Do You Like That

12. Photograph

13. Gotta Decide


The Soviettes/Valentines EP (2002)

The Soviettes:
1. Matt's Song
2. Sixty Days

3. Latchkey

4. Sunday AM
5. The Nine to Life


The Valentines:
7. Cuba Libre
8. Momentumequalsmasstimesvelocity

9. Fernever
10. Whiskey-You Are the Devil

11. The Wayback Machine

192kbps mp3

1 EP + 1 single

T.C.C.P. EP (2002)
1. Hot Sauced & Peppered
2. In the Red
3. Go Lambs Go!
4. Sandbox

Alright/Plus One (2004)
1. Alright
2. Plus One

320kbps mp3

Friday, 23 January 2009

The Bahareebas

Zurich-based band the Bahareebas play an eclectic mix of rough 60s surf & garage. They’re inspired by pretty much everything they come across and try to get all these variations into their compositions. Since the early 2008 on the road as a quartet, the Bahareebas try to go back to the very roots of the odd 60s musicscenes. Is it the utterly precise surfguitar of Gigi Galante? The mad fuzz of Phil de Gaulle? The knacking basslines of Sevi Sousol? Or the highflying sticks of Sam LaFontaine? It sure is the blend of everything that gives the bahareebas the true sound they play.

Jellyfishing (2005)

1. Superkings
2. Dunewalk

3. Vampire Beach

4. Lollipop Whore

5. Karate Island

6. Back to Details

7. Winona

8. Safran

9. Umba

10. Ocean Cowboy's Last Ride

11. Don't Steal My Show

12. Robo Shark in Gefahr

320kbps mp3

Last Night I Saved the Galaxy (2007)

1. The Invasion
2. Asian Quicksoup
3. Viareggio Allnighter
4. My Baby Left Me
5. Surfertronic
6. Echelon
7. Susanne Marianne
8. Last Night I Saved the Galaxy
9. Il Pleut a Montreux
10. Big Mistake
11. Peterheater
12. Mathar
13. When the Summer Ends

VBR mp3

Monday, 19 January 2009

New Bomb Turks part III

Pissing Out the Poison: Singles and Other Swill '90-'94 (1995)

1. Tail Crush
2. Out of My Mind

3. Cryin' in the Beer of a Drunk Man

4. Just Head

5. Let's Dress Up the Naked Truth

6. Do the Pop!

7. Sucker Punch

8. Spinnin' Clock

9. Summer Romance

10. Girl Can't Help It

11. Got No Proof

12. Polyester Thinking Cap

13. Last Lost Fight

14. We Need More

15. Sharpen Up Time

16. Laissez Faire Stare

17. Cryin' into the Beer of a Drunk Man

18. Pist

19. Deathbedside Manner

20. I Wanna Sleep
21. Youngblood

22. Taller Order
23. Bad Girl

24. Ejection

25. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

26. The Anal Swipe

192kbps mp3

The Big Combo: More Singles and Other Swill '94-'98 (2001)

1. Stick It Out
2. Feel It

3. (Still) Never Will

4. Slung Jury

5. Bachelor's High

6. Professional Againster

7. Jivin' Sister Fanny
8. Streamline Yr Skull

9. Job

10. Veronica Lake

11. Don't Kimosabe Me

12. Fuck it

13. So Long Silver Lining (live)

14. Hammerless Nail (live)

15. Tail Crush (live)

16. Eyes of Satan

192kbps mp3

Switchblade Tongues, Butterknife Brains (2003)

1. Buckeye Donuts
2. Something's Gotta Give
3. Bad for e
4. Law of the Long Arm
5. Radiobeat
6. Death of Mighty Joe
7. Ad Nauseum
8. Sammer'd
9. Weekend
10. Action
11. The Drawback
12. And She Said Yes
13. Statue of Liberty
14. Chip Away at the Stone
15. Good on Ya Baby
16. Live Fast Love Hard Die Young

192kbps mp3

New Bomb Turks part I
New Bomb Turks part II

Friday, 16 January 2009

New Bomb Turks part II

Nightmare Scenario (2000)

1. Point A to Point Blank
2. Automatic Teller

3. End of the Great Credibility Race

4. Too Much

5. Killer's Kiss

6. Continental Cats

7. Spanish Fly by Night

8. The Roof

9. Your Beaten Heart

10. Turning Tricks

11. Wine & Depression

12. Quarter to Four
13. untitled

320 kbps mp3

The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still (2002)

1. The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still
2. Statue of Liberty
3. Pretty Lightning

4. Hassle St.

5. Grifted

6. Rat Feelings
7. Leaving Town

8. Sick Sermon

9. Don't Bug Me, I'm Nutty
10. Constance Keane

11. Like Ghosts

12. Bitch
13. The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still (reprise)

192kbps mp3

4 EPs

So Cool So Clean So Sparkling Clear (1992)
1. Cryin' in the Beer of a Drunk Man
2. Just Head
3. Let's Dress Up the Naked Truth
4. Do the Pop!

Drunk on Cock (1993)
1. Intro
2. American Soul Spiders
3. Grounded Ex-Patriot
4. Tall Order
5. This Place Sucks
6. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

Peel Session (1993)
1. Tall Order
2. Deathbedside Manner
3. We Need More
4. Never Will
5. I Hate People

Berunhren Meiner Affe (1999)
1. Defiled
2. Slung Jury
3. Double Marlon
4. Spanish Rose
5. Scapegoat Soup
6. Evil Toy

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Bomb Turks part I

Four guys holding English degrees from Ohio State University, the New Bomb Turks have been declared as leaders in the punk rock revolution by spiked-haired, hardcore punkers everywhere. They are not pop-punk, but ferociously aggressive and fast, borrowing from the Pagans, Dead Boys, and so on. The band's name comes from Robert Wuhl's character in an early-'80s B movie, "The Hollywood Nights", which also marked the film debuts of Tony Danza and Michelle Pfeiffer. Their landmark debut, Destroy-Oh-Boy!!, came out in 1993 to universally great reviews. Following it up quickly with the Drunk on Cock EP (which has a hilariously offensive cover), the band scored another winner the next year with Information Highway Revisited. Featuring a tighter sound and less of a direct punk influence, the record again made them critical darlings. The Pissing Out the Poison: Singles and Other Swill was their last release for Crypt Records, as mini-major Epitaph asked them to join the roster. Scared Straight and At Rope's End both appeared quickly afterwards, although both records started to show the wear and tear the band was experiencing on the road and in the studio. A few EP's marked the time between albums, but their last Epitaph release (Nightmare Scenario) would hit stores by 1999. The band and label split amicably, and the Turks toured for a bit before stepping back into the studio. Recording The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still without a label, Gearhead pick up the record and released it in the fall of 2002.
~ Bradley Torreano & Matt Carlson, All Music Guide

Destroy-Oh-Boy!! (1993)

1. Born Toulouse-Lautrec
2. Tail Crush

3. Up for a Downslide

4. Tattooed Apathetic Boys

5. We Give a Rat's Ass
6. Runnin' on the Go

7. Long Gone Sister

8. Mr.Suit
9. Let's Dress Up the Naked Truth

10. Hapless Attempt
11. I Want My Baby...Dead?!
12. Sucker Punch
13. I'm Weak

14. Tryin' to Get By

15. Cryin' Into the Beer of a Drunk Man

192kbps mp3

Information Highway Revisited (1994)

1. ID Slips In
2. Bullish on Bullshit

3. If I Only Could
4. Brother Orson Welles

5. T.A.S.
6. Fingernail Chomp

7. Dented 'n' Spent

8. Girl Can Help It

9. (Gotta Gotta) Sinking Feeling

10. Grandpa Atomic

11. Never Will

12. Apocalyptic Dipstick

13. Lyin' on Our Backs

14. I Got Your Bitter End

15. Straight-On Chaster

192kbps mp3

Scared Straight (1996)

1. Hammerless Nail
2. Bachelors High

3. Professional Againster

4. Cultural Elite Sign-Up Sheet

5. Jukebox Lean

6. Jeers of a Clown

7. Look Alive Jive

8. Staring Down the Gift Horse

9. Shoot the Offshoot

10. Drop What You're Doin'
11. Telephone Numbrrr

12. Wrest Your Hands

192kbps mp3

At Rope's End (1998)

1. Scapegoat Soup
2. Snap Decision
3. Ally Smile
4. So Long Silver Lining
5. Veronica Lake
6. Defiled
7. Bolan's Crash
8. Raw Law
9. Minimum Wages of Sin
10. At Rope's End
11. The Cure for (the Common Cold Shoulder)
12. Aspirin Aspirations
13. Streamline Yr Skull

192kbps mp3

New Bomb Turks part II
New Bomb Turks part III

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Speedball Baby

Led by singer Ron Ward, New York, USA's Speedball Baby offer a throwback to the loosely hinged gutter rock 'n' roll of the Stooges and the MC5. A more contemporaneous comparison might be the Birthday Party, as evidenced by the twisted rockabilly of tracks such as "Toss My Salad" on their 1996 debut album, Cinema!. The seeds of the band's future were sown when Matt Verta-Ray (bass) left his previous employers, Madder Rose. It was his concept to start a less sedate unit meshing the blues with primal rockabilly, but he had to wait until meeting Ward (also from Boston, and formerly the drummer in Blood Oranges) at a mutual friend's wedding. The band's line-up was completed with the addition of bass player Ali Smith and drummer Dave Roy. They concentrated on cultivating a reputation for their frenzied New York shows, while two independently released EPs (Speedball Baby and Get Straight for the Last Supper) won over critics in the alternative music press. Martin Owens replaced Roy prior to the recording of the band's debut for MCA Records, which was delayed amid ill-informed rumours that one song, "The Al Green Shuffle", had racist overtones. It was eventually excluded from the final track-listing, much to the disgust of the band. At the end of 1996, Speedball Baby sought to confirm their growing domestic reputation with a support tour to the like-minded Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. The quartet returned to their independent roots for the mini-album I'm Gonna Stomp Mr. Harry Lee, released on the Sympathy For The Record Industry label. New drummer Andy Action appeared on the band's debut for the In The Red label, Uptight!, while a change of direction was afoot for the late 60s blues rock styled The Black-Out in 2002. The album featured new bass player, Jenny Decker.

Cinema! (1996)

1. A Stranger's Skin
2. Rubber Connection
3. Black Cat Moan
4. Suicide Girl

5. Black Eyed Girl

6. Dog on Fire

7. Skull Poppin' Skin Tastin' Love Wastin' Son Of A Bitch

8. Shakin' It Loose

9. Cinema!
10. Toss My Salad
11. Mr.Heat

12. Dancin' With a Fever

13. Drug Owl

224kbps mp3

Uptight! (2000)

1. I'm Addictive
2. Dangerous Top

3. The Al Green Shuffle

4. December?

5. Mekong Sue
6. Hot Boxin' Baby

7. Tappin' My Neighbah!

8. Numb
9. Pocket Fulla Fish

10. The Crybabies (Otis)

11. 8ft. Cigaret
12. Wobbly Organ

160kbps mp3

The Black-Out (2002)

1. Three Quarter Man
2. Hacky-Joe Digger

3. Do the Blackout

4. Wanna Scratch It?

5. Pimp Hand Strong

6. Bee in Flight

7. Asphalt Blues

8. The Diddler

9. Blackjack

10. Baretta's My Handle

11. Cash Cow

12. The Termite Speaks

13. Nine Eleven

14. The Jack Martin Story

15. Cash Cow (reprise)

192kbps mp3

EPs & singles

Speedball Baby EP (1995)
1. Speedball Baby
2. Black Eyed Girl
3. Percocet
4. Fucked Up Town
5. Corn River

Get Straight for the Last Supper (1995)

1. Phoenix Hotel, pt.1
2. Five Dollar Priest
3. Blitzkrieg Bop
4. Ballad of the Thin Pillbilly
5. Milking Stool Blues
6. T.B. Sheets
7. The Edge
8. Phoenix Hotel, pt.2

Speedball Petite (1996)
1. Mex Blo-Out
2. Crazy Date
3. Toss My Salad
4. Short Term Loan
5. Mex Blo-Out

I'm Gonna Stomp Mr.Harry Lee (1998)

1. Pin Up Cowboy
2. Hate You Baby
3. Pocket Fulla Fish (spoken)
4. Lakeside Story
5. Blackish Man
6. Don't Turn Blue (Tonight)
7. Speedball Petite

Mekong Sue (2000)
1. Mekong Sue
2. The Diddler
3. Cognac Blues

Annie Anytime (2003)

1. Annie Anytime
2. Hey Shine!

variable bitrate mp3
Download 1/2
Download 2/2

Monday, 5 January 2009

Vivian Girls

Deriving their name from the ill-fated characters featured in the work of writer/illustrator Henry Darger, the Vivian Girls (not to be confused with the "craft pop" duo of the same name) are a Brooklyn-based trio whose gritty lo-fi tunes nod to seminal indie pop acts like Black Tambourine, Talulah Gosh, and Tiger Trap. Comprised of Cassie Ramone, Kickball Katy, and Ali, the Vivian Girls sprang into the indie circuit in 2008 with a handful of 7" singles released on a passel of small labels, including Wild Eyes (Plays with Dolls Records), Orphanage (Woodsist Records), and I Can't Stay (In the Red Records). Their self-titled debut full-length was released on Mauled by Tigers Records and In the Red in September that same year.
~ Margaret Reges, All Music Guide

Vivian Girls EP (2007)

1. All the Time
2. No

3. Such a Joke

4. Never See Me Again

5. Snack Attack

6. Telepathic Love

256kbps mp3

Vivian Girls (2008)

1. All the Time
2. Such a Joke
3. Wild Eyes

4. Going Insane
5. Tell the World

6. Where Do You Run to

7. Damaged

8. No
9. Never See Me Again

10. I Believe in Nothing

VBR mp3

4 singles

Surf's Up (2008)
1. Surfin' Away
2. Second Date
3. Girl Don't Tell Me

Wild Eyes (2008)

1. Wild Eyes
2. My Baby Wants Me Dead

Orphanage (2008)

1. Tell the World
2. I Believe in Nothing
3. Damaged

I Can't Stay (2008)

1. I Can't Stay
2. Blind Spot

variable bitrate mp3

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